What is Customer Experience & Why is it Important During Covid-19?

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

This is an unprecedented societal shift, and from a purely business perspective, it’s already affecting buyer journeys, customer expectations and brands’ capacities to meet them. Customer experience, it’s now quite well-known fact and we heard in this industry a lot like provide great customer experience, best UI design for customer experience, easy registration or checkout steps for smooth customer experience, easy searchable products on site for great customer experience and so on.

Question is are we really thinking about customer experience or just implementing what we think might be good for customers? Customer experience is critical these days because they are the ones who build your brand and evangelize your products or services.

Now the second question is how you know what customer is experiencing already? The answer is we have amazing technologies by using the right and on the correct place can give you results you want so that you can build your backlog just to cater to your customers what they want.

Surveys and feedbacks: We see it’s very common on almost every Ecommerce site to ask feedback or survey. But if we collect that data and use it appropriately, it can return you more visitors and conversions. Imagine you are in Walmart and searching for something you are in the correct aisle but not finding the item you want, and store associate shows up “how may I help” yes, that’s what you need. We can turn the same experience for our customers online as well. Just showing up on the right place where it is needed.

Watch customer session: You have done a great job by providing the tools to your customer, so they can shop online. Now you don’t to have wait for customers to fill out a survey. You can watch their sessions watch their journey and debug the issues and will get better insights as to how to serve them better. Not only this, but these tools also help you to do analytics like how many customers reached to checkout and among them how many placed orders.

Reassure and Inform Your Customers: The most important part of managing the customer experience during these trying times is to communicate clearly and quickly. Modified hours, updates on delivery policy, means to reach customer service. It is important that the customers feel connected and like they know what is going on.

Benefits of Providing Great Customer Experience

Loyalty: Happy customers build loyalty towards your brand. Remember, the customers who had a great experience on your website will be most likely to provide positive feedback and share words among their colleagues and friends.

Increase Conversion Rate: If your website offers more than one type of product and great in customer experience, more chances that customers once stop at your shop will buy all possible things from your shop only. As you must have seen “Products related to your items in cart.” “Products you may need to use the items in your cart.”

Stand out in the Market: Once your customer has a smooth online shopping journey, there is no doubt that they will bookmark your website for all future purchases as its very hard to stand out in the market these days when all competitors are selling the same thing.


The situation is fluid, and consumer behavior will be growing day by day. At Royal Cyber, we can help you to win this battleground. You might be interested in this podcast, which takes us on a journey with one of our experts in citing examples as well as sharing tips and hints on customer experience, which can be adapted for Customer Success. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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