WebSphere Liberty Server in WebSphere Commerce

Unlike WebSphere Commerce older versions, WCS v9 has started using WebSphere Liberty server for their microservices architecture.

In WCS v9, servers are separated to remove the dependency between each other. Below is the list of servers available,

  • Transaction Server
  • Store Server
  • Search Server
  • Customization Server (XC)

Each server can be stopped and started independently irrespective of others. This is more beneficial especially when we do changes in one server alone and can restart only that server in a lesser time.

WebSphere Liberty Server brings in added advantage that it can be started and stopped very quickly as it loads only the required components into it.

WebSphere Liberty is a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment. Developers can easily and rapidly create applications, using agile and DevOps principles with WebSphere Liberty.

WebSphere Liberty Architecture

WebSphere Liberty is a highly composable and dynamic runtime environment. OSGi services are used to manage component lifecycles, and the injection of dependencies and configuration. The server process contains a single JVM, the Liberty kernel, and any number of optional features. The feature code and most of the kernel code runs as OSGi bundles within an OSGi framework. Features provide the programming models and services that are required by applications.

Reasons to Choose Liberty

  • Smaller, simpler, faster to set up
  • Effortless to have common development and production runtimes
  • More accommodating and adjustable to install, update and manage
  • packaged server ‘master image’ deployments are popular
  • Composable, right-sized runtimes
  • More choice of deployment environments
  • Bluemix, other PaaS, containers
  • Liberty on z/OS has higher throughput, lower resource use
  • Servers (all editions) can be centrally handled (albeit not clustered)
  • Earlier support of new technology through continuous delivery
  • Easier version to version migration once using Liberty
  • Greater management scale with collectives than cells

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