Mirakl Marketplace and HCL Commerce Integration

In the e-commerce industry, it is critical for businesses to offer a wide variety of products & services, provide competitively priced products, and give multiple shipping options.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform empowers any retailer or brand to expedite e-commerce by allowing more products & services from third-parties with its own online marketplace.

More than 50% of e-commerce growth is driven by marketplace growth. The marketplace business model is usually 2-3X more lucrative than the traditional retail model.

Establishing a marketplace is a remarkable possibility for retailers and B2B businesses to quickly expand their product assortment by directly connecting third-party sellers with customers. It is a low-risk way to expand offers without needing to buy, store, and ship products.

The marketplace growth trend is on track to reach nearly 70% by 2022.

Source: Forrester

Modular Architecture

Source: Mirakl

Being the most robust, scalable, and easy-to-use marketplace solution, and built on APIs to integrate with the existing environment quickly, Mirakl helps grow the business. Moreover, it has a fully customizable functionality to meet the unique needs of the customers, and modules can be added as needed.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform Connector

Mirakl Marketplace Platform comes up with a connector dedicated to HCL Commerce (formerly IBM WebSphere Commerce) for customers wishing to extend their HCL Commerce platform with a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and scalable omnichannel marketplace platform.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform is designed to provide HCL clients with all the benefits of a tailored solution without bothering about the cost and infrastructure.

All functionalities, accessible through standard REST APIs via web services, Mirakl Marketplace Platform can effortlessly adapt to specific needs.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform Technology Assets

Mirakl Marketplace Platform offers various technology assets:

  • Mirakl API is an application exclusively for API calls coming from the HCL Commerce platform, external merchants, or suppliers
  • Mirakl Portal allows marketplace operators and external merchants’ entry to the web management back offices that equip the operators (HCL customers) to maneuver the marketplace and merchants to handle their stores.
  • Mirakl Batch brings together and carries out integration processing and periodic tasks.

Mirakl Catalog Manager

Mirakl Catalog Manager makes it easier for marketplace operators and sellers manage their product catalogs. It is the ultimate product data manager that enriches the data or PIM with information from many sellers, all under control.

Mirakl Catalog Manager addresses issues of both operators and sellers.

Operators IssuesSellers Issues
Handle duplicationAccess to own catalog
Moderate incoming productsSlow feedback
Cope with volumesFix validation errors
Source: Mirakl

By 2023, the majority of online sellers will list their products with marketplaces.

Source: Gartner

Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber has certified e-commerce consultants to help you take advantage of the Mirakl Marketplace to expand your businesses further.

Currently, we have two customers from Pharmaceutical and Retail industries for which we have successfully integrated Mirakl Marketplace and HCL Commerce platform.

Interested to know more about our implementation experiences?

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