IBM WebSphere Commerce 9.0 – Greater Agility & Flexibility

With rapidly changing markets and new competitive challenges, organizations need the agility and flexibility to transform how they engage with customers across all channels.

New Features

Microservices Approach
  • Modularizes WebSphere Commerce into loosely coupled components called Microservices
  • Separates the storage search from the larger heavier transactional servers which allows for better scaling of eCommerce platforms with reduced TCO from minimizing regression testing for the various releases to the actual infrastructure requirements to run the store.
  • Upgrades can now be done in days. Think of something in the morning and have it in front of your customers the same day.

Modular Architecture
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 has a modular architecture, driving better scales with less overhead
  • Modularization simplifies platform managements.
    • Scale the services that requires more performance versus scaling the entire platform.
    • Less dependency among teams and services allows for faster innovation.
  • Externalized Customizations (xC) is a big deal
    • Separating extensions and customizations from the platform allows for quick upgrades, eliminating expensive testing cycles that significantly inhibit innovations.


Microservices Approach
  • The docker feature in WebSphere Commerce makes it easy to create, deploy, and run applications
  • It allows eCommerce professionals to package applications with all the parts it needs from the OS, libraries, and dependencies and ships it out as one immutable package.
  • More time innovating, less time maintaining the platform

AI for the Commerce Professional

Microservices Approach
  • Watson Commerce is your secret weapon in taking market shares.

Royal Cyber WebSphere Commerce Upgrade Process

Royal Cyber can help you migrate to newer IBM WebSphere Commerce 9. We will guide you through the upgrade process which includes:

Upgrade Analysis

Our Upgrade Services team will conduct a complete technical and functional analysis of your e-commerce solution by performing a gap-fit analysis, identifying technical challenges, and recommending the best upgrade project approach.

Continuous Upgrades

We offer to upgrade support on an ongoing basis. Our team will work with you on subsequent upgrades annually, keeping the gap between versions smaller and easier to manage.

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