IBM Commerce on Cloud

IBM Commerce on Cloud is a multi-channel commerce SaaS to create a rich and user-friendly shopping experience for the customers. With the IBM Commerce on Cloud, we can provide customers with an appealing brand experience across every customer touch point using various e-commerce, order management, and sales configuration capabilities.


Each business works with a distinctive set of requirements and challenges. Companies are faced with the problem of developing an IT environment that can respond with agility, realize increased revenue, higher profitability, and happier customers.

Around 80% of companies are assigning budget for cloud projects. However, more than half are perturbed due to legacy systems and lack of in-house expertise.

Features and Benefits

IBM Commerce on Cloud puts us in control of the shopping experience by providing insights exactly where it’s needed.

Product managers and Marketers can get a clear view of the shopper’s behavior and business’ performance in real-time. They can make immediate and powerful decisions that drive revenues and improve margins and reach customers when they are on the go. In this digital age, customers are shopping everywhere – browsing on planes, elevators, and on phones/tablets.

IBM Commerce on Cloud is equipped with prebuilt storefronts and predefined templates that dynamically respond to devices the customers are using. There is no need to create mobile specific websites. Just design once and deliver your content and branding, optimized for every device so we can stay with our customers wherever they are.

Furthermore, IBM Commerce on Cloud lets the customers have what they want and how they want it regardless of where it is in our supply chain. Whether online, in a physical store, or through a call center app, we can give our customers the choice and flexibility on how the orders will be fulfilled. That’s the improvements in shopping experience.

Cross-channel inventory visibility mobilizes our store network for flexible fulfillment initiatives.

  • Option to ship from store
  • Buy online and pick up at store
  • Buy online and return to store

By giving shoppers the transparency and flexibility they expect, they won’t argue with many more return trips in the future. Moreover, IBM Commerce on Cloud provides:

  • Customer and business insights
  • Personalized brand experience
  • Mobile optimized
  • Flexible fulfillment of business performance and growth
  • It is rich, user-friendly and reliable.
  • It utilizes IBM’s proven methodologies in the cloud to reduce risk and increase ROI. It provides a high-value platform for business growth.
  • With Out of the Box (OOTB) features for rapid-fire implementation, it takes Less than 90 days with IBM Commerce on Cloud
  • Peace of mind we get with IBM’s proven methodologies to innovate, secure in the IBM Cloud

Use Cases

The commerce usage is inevitable across industries. Following are a few examples of enterprises that are realizing business value from Commerce applications.


  • Provide customers access to banking facilities, e.g., current credit account systems, combining in new offerings to engage customers with new products and services.
  • Banking personnel can have access to Investment and Wealth profiles and Mortgage and Loan applications to optimize customer engagements and improve customer services.
  • Deliver Mobile reports and dashboards to Executives.

Logistics/ Distribution

  • The goods tracking in the supply chain cycle where the goods are signed for on a receipt and their movement is electronically recorded at all stages of the journey with full visibility across the supply chain including the estimated time of arrival.


  • The capture and tracking of products through the shop floor and manufacturing process.


  • Enriched mobile experience for Consumers incorporating Loyalty and Reward programs.
  • Engage Consumers (in the Mall) with near store and in-store to promote new products, promotions and in-store events and services.
  • Improved Customer Service through self-service for balance request and bill payment.

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