HCL Commerce v9.1 – Beyond the Highlights

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Apart from the main highlights of HCL v9.1 - two new storefronts, emerald and sapphire, and elasticsearch, replacing Solr, the new release has a few other important features that would enhance commerce and improve customer experience. And so, it is important that we discuss these new capabilities and concepts, and also about the v9.1.x roadmap to better understand what lies ahead and to take full advantage of them.

HCL Cache with Redis

In HCL Commerce v9.1, HCL Cache will work inherently with redis to:

  • Provide an integrated cache solution that would support both local and remote caching
  • Allow larger cache sizes as the cache is remote and pods scale easily while not increasing the shared resources
  • Integrate with Micrometer/Prometheus for real time performance monitoring

HCL Cache - How does it work?

Tooling Modernization

  • All administrative tooling is now migrated to CMC
  • All tooling interaction can be externally exposed through APIs

Multiple Thread Support

  • Data load performance can be improved by supporting multiple threads to load data.
  • Make data load framework thread secure so that multiple data load processes can be run inside one JVM, i.e., numerous business users can run the catalog upload and price upload simultaneously.

What Lies Ahead - v9.1.x

With expected updates and other enhancements, HCL shares its roadmap for Commerce for the next few months. The Commerce roadmap for v9.1.x looks exciting with improved CMS and DAM capabilities, HCL Discover, and other abilities such as quick check out, quoting, and RFQ capabilities.


With CMS, DAM, and Digital Experience (DX) built into CMC or Management Center Tooling, HCL ensures a single environment for the user so that the user need not jump from tool to tool. The additional, much required CMS capabilities that would meet the demands of the business would include:

  • Preview content in storefront from CMC

  • Storefront supporting single-page applications

  • Unified Commerce and DX provisioning in Kubernetes

  • Integrate Commerce artifacts into DX


  • Centralized asset management will be made possible, and this is expected to improve the ROI

  • Images and other assets will be available to use not only for commerce but across the ecosystem

  • Experience optimization through rendition and editing support

HCL Discover

Fully integrated with commerce, HCL Discover would analyze customer experience and provide business impact insights. Also, capturing customer sessions, detecting anomaly, identifying customer struggles, etc.

Quoting and RFQ Capabilities

With improved RFQ and quoting capabilities, the sales representative will have a complete data view, provided by HCL Discover and Google analytics. The customers can generate RFQ in case they need assistance during a purchase.

Quick Checkout

The idea of multiple checkout profiles will be introduced, allowing automatic checkout through the desired checkout profile. This would make checkout easier for customers who have multiple shipping or payment options.

Within the next year, we expect to see more updates and enhancements in HCL Search Enhancements like ISV plugins, Dashboards, AI Shopping Experience, Subscription Management, and more.

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