Go To Market Faster With Ready-To-Use SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerators

The SAP Commerce Accelerator is a ready-to-use omnichannel solution that you can use to speed up execution, boost sales, and increase growth across all your channels. Accelerators combine platform functionality and modules, typically matching 80% of customer requirements. These “pre set-up stores” allow for less time to go live. Accelerators also have ready-made storefronts that can be easily adapted and rebranded to suit customer needs.

SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerators Offer the Following Functionalities

  • Platform

  • Product content management

  • Web content management

  • Customer service

  • Order management

  • Store locator

  • Search and navigation

  • Payment

  • Reporting

B2C Accelerators

B2C Accelerator comes with two sample storefronts. One is apparel based, and the other is electronics. They are available both on-premise and in the cloud.

Accelerator for B2C uses best practices for the electronics and fashion industry. It supports product data management using the classification system and variant approach, which is very specific for each industry. The storefronts are provided as out of the box solutions, and they’ve been created for specific countries, including related currency, delivery, and language options.

B2B Accelerators

SAP Commerce B2B Accelerator is a ready-to-use web framework that enables you to build and maintain a commerce solution easily. It comes with one sample storefront dedicated to power tools. The key features of B2B Accelerator are:

  • Integration in Backoffice
  • Self-service account management - B2B administrators can self-service through a merchant’s B2B website. The B2B administrators can create, view, modify and delete budgets, cost centers, organizational units via units, users, user groups, and order permissions via permissions
  • Online ordering – users can place an order online and schedule orders so that they are automatically replenished. Users can choose between daily, weekly or monthly replenishment and can pick a date when order replenishment is supposed to start. Orders are trackable online
  • Custom catalogs – Merchants can customize product lists and search product pages for specific organizations, departments, and customers
  • Custom pricing – B2B pricing models are supported, customized and managed either in SAP Commerce Cloud or in an ERP system
  • Price Quote Request – Allows negotiating the price of an order
  • Credit management - Merchants can assign credit limits in different currencies
  • Multi-dimensional products – Products can be defined as having multiple attributes such as color, size & fit
  • Order forms – products can be searched for and ordered from order forms that are generated on the fly based on advanced search options
  • Punch out support - On a B2B supplier site integrates the customer procurement system with its storefront. Orders are automatically translated into purchase requisitions that are saved to the customer’s procurement system.

Apart from B2C and B2B, SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerators also cater to a wide range of industries including Telecommunications, Banks and Financial Institutions, Utilities, Travel, Citizen Engagement, and Chinese Retail markets. For more information on Royal Cyber’s support on SAP Commerce cloud accelerators, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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