IBM Tealeaf Client Story


  • The first challenge was to select capture model i.e. Classic capture vs DOM Capture as the client had limited storage and bandwidth considerations.
  • The Client’s website was using various secure, AJAX and redirect techniques for it to maintain security guidelines and to provide the highest security to end user’s.
  • As per hardware consideration, IBM Tealeaf was not storing static resources from customer’s sessions.
  • Also, due to financial and personal data, there were a lot of security layers and priorities as data was defined, segregated and stored in different security layers based on the sensitivity of the data.
  • Due to Security measures mentioned above, end user’s personal data and its resources were never accessible to replay server and it was struggling to render the content. This was a major reason for low fidelity replays as Replay Server failed to access personal and context-sensitive resources of end-user sessions.

Replay Data Flow

Impact of a Problem

Replay captured used to have very low fidelity and could not be used to provide insights on customer struggle(s) and behavior. This means that the main purpose of using IBM Tealeaf to have an ability to get customer’s behavior over bank’s various engagements was not possible.

Royal Cyber Solution:

The client’s website was deployed using WebSphere portal which had a lot of redirect’s and AJAX calls in spite of not being Single Page Application (SPA). Classic capture was not able to suffice to website’s complex architecture and data flow.

So Royal Cyber resolved the issue as below:

  • Royal Cyber used DOM capture that helped the client to capture complex requirements as it shows the underlying current state of the page.
  • However, DOM capture had a higher bandwidth and storage requirements. Royal Cyber employed DOM Diff to reduce, limit and meet customer’s requirements of bandwidth and storage.
  • IBM Tealeaf was still discarding all the static resources and Replay Server needed to have access to all those resources to replay with utmost fidelity.

So the issue was solved by creating a custom Resource Server on the same domain as IBM Tealeaf Replay server. This Custom Resource Server was full

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