Demandware – An Integrated platform for Omni-channel Commerce

Retailers today need a unified platform to provide consistent and seamless interactions. It is indispensable to have a single view of customers, orders and products across all retail channels including digital, store and customer service.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud connects digital commerce, order management, POS, store operations & intelligent personalization into a single cloud platform.

Consumer Interaction Points

These interaction points contain all the channels that retailers work through, such as web, mobile devices, social media, stores & other emerging channels. Using these engagement points, retailers build consistent brand experiences for the consumer.

Core Services

The core services layer offers key platform capabilities such as transaction management, content management, merchandising & order management which can be leveraged across commerce channels creating an integrated commerce experience. The integration layer in the platform has a set of rich and robust APIs that permit outside systems to access the platform’s core services. The role-based tools enable business and technical staff to do their job more efficiently.

Retail Data Model

The Demandware Commerce Cloud utilizes a single shared view of customer, order, product, inventory & promotion data across all channels and solutions. By storing this data from the entire community of users, Demandware can aggregate it and put it in the hands of retailers for benchmarking and analysis.

Platform Operations

Demandware makes sure technical operations run smoothly and safely. It has 99.99% historical uptime and is PCI and SOC2 compliance which gives us the confidence in the platform’s reliability and security. Demandware also seamlessly deploy new features and enhancements up to eight times a year with no disruption to the client’s environment.

Demandware Commerce Cloud is a Multi-Tenant Cloud Platform for Innovation

Demandware Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud platform for innovation, comprised of a set of capabilities that help brands drive core business needs such as growth, branded innovation, time to value, speed, and unified shopping experience.

AI Capabilities

With AI embedded in Commerce Cloud Einstein, we have the power to reduce manual merchandising tasks and create true 1-to-1 personalization. Commerce Cloud Einstein enables data-based decisions and grows smarter over time, so we no longer need to rely on demographic data as our only source of truth. We can gather real-time behavioral data to understand customers’ needs at a deeper level, and predict the items they are most likely to buy. Upon implementation, Commerce Cloud Einstein immediately begins to gather data on customer interactions such as what products they look at, what articles they read, and what they put in their shopping cart then automatically catch any difference in behavior. This provides us more insight into that customer’s interests than just where they live etc.

Commerce Cloud Einstein empowers merchandisers for all retailers, big or small.

  • Dynamic Search Ensure shoppers - known and anonymous view related products that drive more purchases.
  • Improve the Shopping Experience Take advantage of recommendations as a personal shopping assistant, offering the best product suggestions based on what shoppers are most likely to buy.
  • Boost Productivity Help merchandisers save time by removing the task of manually merchandising site pages.
  • Get Smart Make the most of our existing commerce data to power the best recommendations for customers.
  • Tap into the Power of AI Leverage AI without having to employ a data scientist or train someone on our team.


  • Business Agility The Demandware Commerce Cloud enables speed, agility, and scalability by allowing retailers to execute growth strategies without the technical barriers of traditional on-premise solutions.
  • Continuous Innovation The Demandware Commerce Cloud eliminates the barriers to innovation that are common with legacy commerce platforms, empowering us to keep pace with the dynamic retail marketplace and evolving consumer expectations.
  • Unified Commerce Experience Integrate digital and in-store technologies to offer a seamless consumer experience that is consistent across the shopping journey.
  • Peace of Mind The Demandware platform is built on a scalable and secure multi-tenant cloud architecture which offers enterprise capabilities and the inherent agility of the cloud.

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