Why Integrate commercetools with Adobe Experience Cloud?

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Businesses want to convert every opportunity, and this compels them to create exceptional user journeys through personalized and customized customer experiences. And so, companies are focusing on designing websites that are beyond conventional.

By integrating Adobe Experience Cloud with commercetools, businesses will be equipped to offer their customers an advanced omnichannel shopping experience. The integration provides highly advanced, cloud-based technology and ML/AI capabilities and ensures that the enterprises are future-ready.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud consists of Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Commerce Cloud. It is a comprehensive set of cloud services equipped to deliver the best possible customer experience. Adobe’s AI platform Sensei is an integral part of the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem that and it continues to enhance the platforms.


commercetools is a multi-cloud commerce platform with a leading-edge API approach that helps to design unique and engaging ecommerce experiences. It is built on an agile, componentized MACH architecture that improves profitability by significantly reducing development time and resources required to migrate to modern commerce technology.

Its futuristic platform design offers the option to use the complete set of features or deploy individual services. It facilitates customized microservices, enabling retailers to get to market quickly and provide innovative commerce functionalities. The core components of commerecetools technology are:

Integrating commercetools with Adobe Experience Cloud - Making Every Moment Shoppable

Adobe Experience Cloud integrated with commercetools will improve your site's omnichannel efficiency and enable interactions of deeper engagement. The hassle of monolithic commerce solutions that require modification and expensive maintenance can be eliminated by integrating commercetools with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Accelerating the adoption of a microservices-based approach to commerce would also help retailers respond to quickly changing business conditions, such as capitalizing on trending products or changes in inventory or flash sales.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Build and manage advanced multi-channel commerce experiences - Enabling marketers with the tools required to address multiple touchpoints across the entire customer journey.
  • Enabling commerce everywhere - Seamless and hassle-free integration of leading headless, cloud-native commerce platform technology with Adobe Marketing Cloud allows for the fastest time to market.
  • Agility to stay ahead of change - Agile microservices enable continuous innovation and optimization, allowing to continuously test, refine, and optimize.

Your ecommerce business can keep pace with the demands of today’s retail environment by ensuring the best shopping experience for your customers. Royal Cyber can offer seamless integration between commercetools and Adobe, which will ensure a best-in-class digital experience for your customers. Contact Us and know about our scalable team structure, flexible payment programs, and multiple packages and engagement models.

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