Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud Usage

Written by Neha Madiya

Lead Technical Content Writer

In this digital era, with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, businesses can take advantage of real-time customer data and get reviews for their products & services, which helps curate personalized messaging and informed decision making.

Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Right message, at the right time, at all stages of the relationship

Marketing Cloud is a platform to deliver related and customized journeys across various devices and channels. It includes integrated solutions and covers all customer interactions and engagements with your brand to make it more effective.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, previously known as Exact Target, is an integrated customer engagement platform that empowers marketers to analyze customer data in real-time by taking advantage of advanced technologies and reach their potential audience at the right time.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Connected ecosystem

  • Personalization backed by data

  • Seamless customer experience

  • Unparalleled security

  • Integration capabilities

Use Case in Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud Usage

Problem Statement Royal Cyber Recommended Solution
  • Redundant integration of Marketing Cloud
  • Gaps in Salesforce CRM Data with Marketing Cloud
  • Issues with the vendors for transactional documents through Salesforce CRM
  • Eliminating the unnecessary integration
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Installing Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Utilizing Marketing Cloud

Royal Cyber Recommended Solution

Reduction in the overhead:

Initially, Salesforce Marketing Cloud was integrated with Salesforce CRM using Dell Boomi. Using Dell Boomi as a middleware was causing additional product and resource cost to maintain and manage this integration. Royal Cyber eliminated the integration from the Marketing Cloud to reduce the overall cost.

Installing Marketing Cloud Connect:

The standard Marketing Cloud Connect package was installed to integrate Salesforce CRM and ExactTarget, as per the best practice of Salesforce. All the required data to run the existing automation and journeys were synced and the implementations were revamped by replacing the synchronized Data Extension.

Utilizing Marketing Cloud:

Multiple transactional emails were going from Salesforce CRM. All in dual languages and for different regions. The client was paying a high amount to two vendors, and there were many issues where emails never went out to the customer for one reason or the other. Royal Cyber stepped in and analyzed the issue and recommended the best possible solution, that is, utilizing Marketing Cloud. As Marketing Cloud is now already synced with the real data, transactional emails going out from ExactTarget was the feasible solution.

Following things were done as part of the process:

  • Writing back the email sent to the customer URL in the Salesforce CRM’s relevant object (Quote/Order) for CSRs correspondence with the customers

  • Converting the transactional PDFs into transactional emails in multiple languages

  • Creating the ongoing journeys for different regions so that correct confirmation and transactional emails would go out to the customer in their preferred language

  • Revamping the transactional emails confirmation content

Benefits achieved by installing Marketing Cloud

  • Saved thousands of dollars by utilizing Marketing Cloud rightly.
  • Optimized CSRs process of responding to the customer as they first needed to download the PDFs and attach them to the case’s email. Now, they can just copy-paste the transactional email’s URL, written back from the Marketing Cloud on the relevant object’s record page.
  • Saved File Storage in the Salesforce CRM. File storage is another issue for the client, and by implementing this solution, Royal Cyber took one good step to stop the vast file storage consumption.
  • Eliminated the file redundancy in the file storage as CSRs were downloading the transactional PDFs and attaching them to the case’s email for the relevant correspondence with the customer, when needed.

Quote and Order Confirmation and Transactional Emails Process

Being a certified Salesforce consulting partner, we help you unlock the business benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and beyond. From customer journey management to predictive intelligence, Royal Cyber Salesforce experts assist you to leverage the various features of marketing Cloud with the right implementation process.

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