Build, Run, & Grow an Online Business with BigCommerce

Written by Pooja Naik

Senior Business Analyst


In light of the current innovative solutions in the market, if you are looking to set up a hosted e-commerce solution for your business with flexible integration, choosing “BigCommerce” will be the best decision for you.

BigCommerce supports all types of businesses, starting from small scale businesses up to enterprise-level businesses. By enabling a better B2B/B2C eCommerce experience, BigCommerce fulfils the modern B2B/B2C buyers’ expectations.

Whether you are looking for a good eCommerce platform option or trying to improve your existing system, BigCommerce’s rich built-in functionalities like website customization, SEO optimization, payment & inventory management, application integrations, all common commerce functionalities etc. will help you set up your site within a span of time.

Its pricing plans like Standard, Plus and Pro will help you choose your eCommerce system's correct licensing plan.

It is a powerful platform built on SaaS-based architecture, headless commerce, and restful/GrapgQL APIs ready for each feature. In addition, the built-in plug and play marketplace apps provide a unique shopping experience to your customers.

Why Choose BigCommerce?

  • Enhance your CBD business with BigCommerce’s differentiated Shopping Experience.
  • Homegrown partners integration with ShipperHQ, InStockNotify, Shipstation, Klavio, DotDigital
  • Safest, fastest, and most efficient ways to migrate and launch your store through BigCommerce.
  • Over 100 + individual APIs will help you integrate with any third-party tools using RestAPI, GraphQL.
  • 1-month free trial after picking up a plan for your business
  • Hassle-free feeds management for google shopping.
  • Improve SEO rankings with built-in blogs feature
  • Increase in sell through social media platforms.
  • In-built conversion-boosting features.
  • Increase in page speed with google AMP.
  • In-built Page builder for creating and managing contents of pages.
  • Build your own new functionality with the modern architecture world.
  • Safeguard your checkout with enterprise-grade security.
  • Easy plug and play third party apps integration through App marketplace.
  • Support to built-in direct to consumers(D2C) functionality.
  • Gain more control over your data with BigCommerce’s support of GraphQL.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Seamless and scalable headless commerce with React.js/Vue.js
  • In-built commerce functionalities like page builder, customized checkout, pre-built plugin for brands with WordPress, Acquia integration for content management, Deity Falcon PWA front-end, Akamai image manager with stencil themes, in house marketplace apps, SSO for multiple storefronts and many more.
  • Support to industries like Apparel & Fashion, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverages, Manufacturing, Automotive and CBD.
  • Reinforce digital marketing.

BigCommerce Solutions

  • Headless Commerce: Server to server API-driven experiences through your CMS, DXP, application, device, or custom front-end. Use inbuilt APIs with any other environments. Freedom to simultaneously run multiple stores across various front-end solutions — all from a single BigCommerce account with the help of Channels API and Channels Toolkit
  • B2B: Supports larger catalogues, pricing segmentation, inventory support up to SKU level along with easy pre-built, one-click integrations with major ERP, OMS and CRM systems.
  • Wholesale: Provides flexibility to create automated customer groups, prices, discounts for wholesalers, retailers. Built-in CMS editor- Single front and back-end experience.
  • Multi-Channel: Attract customers through marketplace social traffic by synching current stock and inventory information from any 3rd party vendors.
  • International: Integrated approach to international sales through localization. Get localization done through the Stencil framework and increase region-specific conversions.

Outstanding Features

  • Inbuilt core commerce features like search, tax, payment, promotions, returns and refunds, SSO, Analytics etc.

  • Better storefront experience with promotions, digital wallets, Faceted search, SEO etc.

  • Easy made custom theme and checkout with HTML, CSS, Javascript toolkit and React.JS.

  • Native CSR generated quote management and bulk pricing for wholesaler’s payments.

  • Advanced search and punchout

  • Abandoned cart saver feature.

  • Quote management and bulk pricing

  • Purchase orders and credit authorization

  • Multi-currency payment, multi-language storefront

  • Cross channel management

  • Marketplaces and social commerce

  • Switch between different storefronts with SSO

  • Centralized inventory management across various channels

  • User-friendly search themes, sitewide HTTPS, automatic sitemaps etc.

  • Full control over your URLs, metadata, title tags, header tags.

Simple Steps to Launch your BigCommerce Site

Come up with your requirements and get guidance from our experts on best in use features. Our team will you from top to bottom of your application by ensuring your eCommerce site's smooth and successful launch within two to four weeks.

Why Royal Cyber?

Royal Cyber is a premium BigCommerce solution partner that helps you overcome complexity in your eCommerce ecosystem. Our experts - Certified Developers and Certified Functional Architects will help you design a developer-ready eCommerce store, map the right tools and system integrations to build out your high-functioning, scalable eCommerce store within two to four weeks. In addition, we will help you with all your integration and implementation needs. Our experts will help you with personalized site audits and custom fit advice relevant to your requirements. As Royal cyber is a partner with BigCommerce, you can list your solution on the App marketplace. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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