Accelerate Business Innovation by running SAP on AWS Cloud

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

SAP is a mission-critical software that helps augment the growth and scalability of businesses. With a dependency on digital transformation, this software fulfills the dynamic demands of agility and speed, empowering enterprises to survive in an ever-evolving market scenario. Various SAP businesses accomplish their needs using their data centers; however, they face limitations of an overpriced infrastructure with great inflexibilities.

Hence, businesses need a reliable and flexible platform that helps to meet the requirements in real-time and deliver a steady performance. One such solution is to move SAP to the AWS cloud. AWS offers unparalleled cloud services with an array of SAP-certified and SAP-optimized environments. In addition, it allows users to extract the complete capabilities of SAP HANA, an in-memory relational database management system that stores and fetches the information.

The Benefits of moving SAP to AWS Cloud

Research by Forrester reveals that moving SAP ECC to AWS EC2 can increase ROI by 103% in three years and reduce data center expenses and performance enhancement costs by up to 500%. In other words, SAP on AWS helps to cut down the capital and functioning costs of operating data centers on-premises. Also, SAP deploys AWS to manage its various cloud-based services' hosting, proving that SAP on AWS offerings cater to performance, availability, scalability, efficiency, and security needs.

AWS works excellently to manage and upgrade chores, enabling businesses to put their resources to perform strategic functions and ensuring that the IT team contributes to the business domains. It offers support throughout the process, from beginning to deployment. In addition, AWS Quick Start ensures installing SAP HANA is seamless with the SAP and AWS practices.

AWS services such as Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudFormation allow businesses to integrate the SAP workloads, which automate resource provisioning and system integration. In addition, it includes layered security controls that check and validate the security gateways. Also, AWS has a rich conglomeration of cloud security tools, compliance, governance characteristics, and data encryption capabilities.

The Amazon Partner Network consists of companies that offer intricate security and protection techniques, augmenting the security of the AWS platform. In addition, the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud allows businesses to set up connections between the data center and AWS to offer strong protection for applications. The on-demand instance purchasing option eliminates the need to conduct capacity planning while running SAP on AWS. Instead, businesses only need to pay for the AWS infrastructure and network resources. If the applications are not constantly running, companies have the option to modify the billing options depending on the usage, thereby lowering the cost considerably.

Other Benefits of moving SAP to AWS Cloud include

  • Offer real-time access to information and build data-driven systems
  • Establish a connection between SAP and IT operational platforms
  • Use the AWS framework to plan and run application upgrades
  • Streamlines integration between the operational and financial data of SAP with marketing and third-party platforms
  • Lower IT-related management services and intensify tasks that assist customers with their requirements

Moving SAP solutions to AWS Cloud

If you plan to steer your business towards innovation, below are just a few examples of how you can achieve that:

  • Align team to focus on innovation: Every business is working to escalate its digital transformation strategies in the wake of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the IT teams are bogged down with daily operational and maintenance tasks – further away from efforts that accelerate business innovation. Running SAP on AWS helps the IT professionals automate the manual processes saving the time and effort to complete monotonous tasks. Instead, they can use their skills to plan, strategize, and execute activities that help to fuel the business.
  • Convert raw data into essential business insights: With SAP on AWS, deploy data analytics and convert them into solid insights to help grow the business. Businesses can exploit Machine Learning and AI technologies to extract the best value from the information. Identify the problems, track operations, analyze actions, and modernize the existing methods to stimulate innovation.
  • Switch to S/4HANA: Many businesses use SAP ECC; however, they need to switch to S/4HANA to leverage their digital transformation and propel growth. Interestingly, companies that have not started moving SAP to AWS help drift S/4HANA in a streamlined way. Take advantage of all the features and capabilities offered by SAP and seamlessly drive the business towards innovation.


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