Continuous and Collaborative Development

DevOps – The Champion that circles around continuity

There is no tool that will miraculously make you lean or agile. DevOps is a champion which helps in the communication and collaboration between two teams’ wiz; development and operations which is more of a technological shift.

What is Collaborative Development?

You can define it as a process for integrating, collaborating, system communication within IT functions which is accountable for operations, application development, quality assurance and infrastructure development. Having said that, it is a function that will be the best fit to produce software products and services on time.

Why opt for Collaborative Development?

The iterative nature of collaborative development is to deliver incrementally, support to the extent that the benefits are realized for the end user is realized as the product continues to develop. At the same time the team closely provide a throughput to achieve their tasks every time without road blocks.

IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management includes the following products:

  • Rational DOORS Next Generation – IBM Rational DOORS contains proven capabilities that can help increase quality and efficiency by optimizing requirements communication and collaboration.
  • Rational Software Architect Design Management - Rational Software Architect Design Management is a collaborative software development which expands the Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management for design and develop software and systems in an iterative and collaborative way.
  • Rational Team Concert - Rational Team Concert provides a lean collaborative lifecycle management solution in a single integrated product supporting all popular platforms.
  • Rational Quality Management - IBM Rational Quality Management is designed to help medium to large teams collaborate by allowing them to seamlessly share information, to use automation to accelerate project schedules, and to report on project metrics for informed release decisions.

Royal Cyber paving way for greater operational efficiency

Ultimately, transparency is essential for collaborative development as it leads to leads to consistency, more focus on industry, faster time to market, and happier customers.

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