Data Privacy Consulting: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Written by Devyaani

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For effective compliance, it is important to stay updated with the latest data privacy rules and regulations. It has become essential to innovate against a backdrop of enhanced privacy protection systems with the upcoming changes. One of the challenges which businesses face is complicated compliance processes. But non-compliance with data protection can cost double as compared to compliance cost.

Today, privacy protection is no longer just a compliance issue; and it is an enterprise-level issue. It is essential to regulate information security audits, anti-spam law compliance, and privacy crisis management to minimize risks. You can do so with comprehensive and integrated services.

Comprehensive Services

Our team specializes in anti-spam law, privacy documents, privacy crisis management, international data protection laws, and more. If your business requires targeted expertise, our team can provide you with the best-individualized data protection support. Our experts can also sensitize your employees on the obligations and requirements of data protection laws.

Royal Cyber's Privacy and Data Protection Approach

Royal Cyber offers unparalleled privacy and data protection consulting services. From privacy, professionals hold expertise privacy programs that are trusted, sustainable and defensible. Following is our 6-step approach:

Digital Transformation

Data privacy is a critical element of digital transformation. All your business needs are a customized and well-drafted data privacy implementation plan. Let us help you create unique business strategies with our skilled and qualified data protection and data privacy specialists. Get in touch with us experts at Royal Cyber today. We offer:

  • Optimal Data Protection Tailored for Business: Our team offers competent data protection consulting services that support you in implementing and improving data protection compliance.

  • Effective Defense Strategy: Our experienced consultants can help you identify and plan adequate data protection and defense strategies to help fight against external attacks that reduce the risk of data misuse.

  • High-level Security: Our team will support your business with end-to-end data protection-specific consulting services.

Your Journey to Achieving Privacy Starts Today

At Royal Cyber, we take pride in our data, privacy compliance, general data protection, and privacy services. Our global clients have faced an unprecedented change in the data privacy and data protection landscape. The difference in country, state, federal and international regulations forces businesses to make regular technical, legal, and operational changes. These changes differ, which results in highly complex legal as well as regulatory scenarios.

At Royal Cyber, we understand the jurisdictions and obligations associated with it. We explore and stay up to date with privacy standards which include the following:

  • General Data Protection Regulation EU (GDPR):It is a European Union regulation; GDPR regulates data privacy and data protection. It creates some privacy rights for the data subjects. It impacts the collection, storage, and processing of personal data within the EU.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): The Privacy Rule standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) include standards for individuals' privacy rights. It understands and controls the use of health information.
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) Canada: Canada's PIPEDA provides data privacy protections. It regulates how private sector businesses collect, use, and disclose personal data.
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA): The GLBA protects consumer financial privacy, limiting disclosure of a consumer's "nonpublic personal information." It covers a broad range of financial institutions (including many companies not traditionally considered financial institutions) because they engage in certain economic activities.
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): The state law protects California residents' data, affecting most businesses that serve California consumers as customers.

Data Privacy and Data Protection Governance in Three Steps

From finding the data privacy and data protection scope to monitoring requirements, privacy and data protection governance should imply in five steps.

Data is a valuable business asset used in every stage and department of the business. To be entirely data-driven, they need to understand the need to identify steps to ensure data privacy and data protection compliance. For maximum protection, organizations must understand the laws & regulations to ensure standard compliance.

Royal Cyber benefits extend expertise on privacy laws in Canada, United States, and other data protection laws worldwide. Our specialists have extensive assessment experience of on-line and off-line initiatives which identify and mitigate privacy risks. Our team can help you track privacy assessment to evaluate business processes to measure privacy and data protection law compliance. Our benchmarks include:

  • Developing a data flow diagram

  • Identifying privacy risks

  • Conducting a gap analysis

  • Presenting privacy risk reduction plans

After your business processes are analyzed and understood, practices get compared to map the best data protection and legal privacy requirements.

At Royal Cyber, we understand the jurisdictions and obligations associated with it. Let us help you achieve your business goals while ensuring complete data protection and data privacy compliance. Are you ready to take your data protection and data privacy to the next level? Contact us!

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