Security and Risk Management in RPA Implementation

Throughout the industry, every department is exploring different ways for cost optimization by adopting a digital transformation journey and automating their processes and services. During this transition, most of us are side-lining the pivotal aspect of security and risk consideration, while implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Robots are smart enough to carry out a complex series of actions automatically without any human intervention. Security and Risk mitigation remains the pillar for firm business performance.

With a perspective to risk and security control, companies are tackling the following apprehension in their RPA Journey:

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

RPA introduces a new attack surface that can be leveraged to disclose, steal, destroy or modify sensitive data and/or high-valued information., BOTs store credentials from numerous applications, which are often empowered with extensive access. Unauthorized access and use of BOT authorization may lead to data security, privacy, and risks.

Process Mapping and Documentation

Most of the time there is non- adherence to process documentation mapping and updates which leads to difficulties with managing the changes made in the applications. Automating the process through RPA without embedding/ aligning control design may lead to manual override or unauthorized changes which often goes undetected.

Operation & Maintenance

BOTs require direction to perform tasks desired. BOTs are configured as a point in time based upon defined business requirements, broader architecture and system changes.

Change Management

Automation within an organization develops, so the data mapping and configuration will also change. If the associated configurations and data mapping are not updated within the automated solution, it will deliver inaccurate results and incorrect output. Enterprises should define and adopt a robust change management process to mitigate this risk.

Our RPA practice is designed to help you throughout your RPA journey. Our RPA practice team of technology experts would automate compliances as well as secure your RPA environment.

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