Intelligent Automation & How Has it Evolved with the Pandemic

Written by Neha Madiya

Lead Technical Content Writer

Intelligent Automation, in simpler terms, would be the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Predictions around 2020 being the year of digital transformation and automation is no longer a new talk. But the question is how the global pandemic resulted in prioritizing automation for companies of all sizes?

With the world practicing physical distancing and companies shifting towards remote working or even the various businesses digitalizing its operations, enhancing the customer experience while keeping in mind the need for personalization and meeting the demands has become the utmost priority. Desktop assistants helping in customer communications or the bots resolving customer queries and stepping ahead and providing quotations or claims are now more straightforward with Intelligent Process Automation.

Purpose of Intelligent Automation in the Insurance Industry

The ruling force behind the insurance industry to adapt to the newest technologies and act smart is the changing needs of tech-savvy customers.

Heavily dependent on the back-office tasks and deep indulgence in paper works in this industry are now transforming to digitalization, hitting it right on the significant challenge of inaccuracy. Staying profitable in this highly competitive landscape is the next driving force of the industry to adapt to AI, RPA, and the emerging forms of technology.

That zeros down to the primary purpose of Intelligent Automation in the insurance industry to attract and retain customers considering the cost-savings and the various benefits that it can provide for a win-win situation.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation to the Insurance Industry

  • Data and risk protection: Insurance is much documentation in closed cabins. By automating end-to-end processes, you can protect your client data and reduce the inaccuracies in data-entry. Monitoring becomes easy and effective. Along with the benefit of reducing costs, this will also ensure the optimization of back-office operations.
  • Resource allocation: As automation takes over many of the labor-intensive tasks, high-skilled employees' expertise can be used in other high-value decision-making roles. By integrating Intelligent Automation in the workflow, more accurate and informed decisions are being made. This reduces the errors in a job and increases the overall process efficiency and workforce productivity.
  • Customer journey and experience: To survive in this competitive insurance landscape, improving customer experience has become the focus. Manually understanding the stage of a customer journey and nurturing the customer not only will take away a lot of your organization's time and resources but also might leave you behind in the race. Intelligent Automation offers end-to-end visibility, helping you identify the weak points, and improve the customer's journey, casing all touchpoints.
  • Faster decision-making and business process: Intelligent Automation co-ordinates work between robots, people, and systems. This helps you to speed up your end-to-end process and make changes to your business needs. This technology supports and fastens the decision-making process in your insurance business.

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How can Royal Cyber help your Insurance company with Intelligent Automation?

If your goal is to have solutions on your plate, but they do not connect to the various dots to get your ROI, those isolates solutions are of no use. Integrating those robotics and solution to an IPA platform will benefit you with enterprise-wide solutions, and that's where Royal Cyber comes to your rescue. We create powerful applications that automatically carry out repetitive processes based on user-based instructions or machines learned without any human involvement. Royal Cyber helps you attain the agility and stability you need to transform your business operations, reduce costs, increase employee engagement, and achieve the main goal of improving your customer experience.

Are you planning to leverage the platform of Intelligent Automation and stay ahead in the game? Reach out to our consultant at Royal Cyber and be the winner in this race. We tailor our services to match your organization's needs, from claims processing to policy management and regulatory compliance. Schedule a free consultation today.

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