Comparison of top RPA Players– UiPath Vs Blue Prism

There are several Robotic Process Automation solutions available in the market to choose from. UiPath and Blue Prism are among the most widespread robotic automation platforms used by customers. Third party assessments of the overall capability of two major players in the industry of Robotic Process Automation rate UIPATH and BLUE PRISM just about equally powerful and competitive, still both are significantly different solutions.

This is a simple comparison just to help people evaluating these two RPA tools. It is a technical assessment from the perspective of a system practitioner.

To conclude, I would say that both the UiPath and Blue prism are among the top tier of automation tools available in the market these days. Both tools possess numerous features, based on an analysis of these we can decide which tool to use for the specific business need. Both tools are reasonably easy to learn, while Blue Prism needs programming skills on the other hand UiPath provides visual design studio along with quick implementation features.

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by Asif Hussain


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    thank you for sharing the difference between uipth and blueprism details.the article so useful to me

  2. Analysis: How UiPath’s RPA Services Differ From That of Blue Prism? says:

    terms of robot support, UiPath features attended and unattended robots and Blue Prism features unattended robots only. The former’s ideology of having attended robots

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