The Artificial Intelligence Journey in Supply Chain

AI is the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted more and more by leading businesses – and one of the trending areas of application is in supply chain. Like other major technological innovations of the past, AI disrupts the competitive landscape and changes the standard of several businesses and industries. Early adopters of AI are already ahead of a game-changing technology curve, gaining a significant competitive advantage.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI are systems that understand, reason, learn, and interact. They use machine learning and natural language processing techniques to learn and analyze data. AI can understand all forms of data and are trained to correlate the data to extract insights-- augmenting intelligence.

A New Era in Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence is steering in a new age of supply chain optimization: an era where supply chain systems can think, analyze, provide findings and recommendations, and pick up from interactions with humans. AI-enabled systems continue to grow where they can automatically prepare for large amounts of data to forecast events and produce insights.

Artificial intelligence offers a platform to optimize performance and build a more intelligent, agile, demand-sensitive, and customer-centric supply chain. And it complements and leverages existing systems, analytics, and technology investments.

While master data and information governance will continue to be used for ERP and advanced analytics, AI-enabled systems derive their data and insights by drawing directly from internal and external sources of data. The capability to draw data directly and analyze in real-time accelerates insights and time to value for AI-enabled systems and provides confidence in those insights and decision-making.

Businesses that employ AI recognize that they’re beginning a journey where the technology can be continuously trained and, as a result, can continuously learn and improve performance over time.

How AI technology revolutionizes the supply chain?

  • Retrieves data faster than a human can

  • Facilitates decision making based on playbooks

  • Connects relevant data points and provides predictive insights

  • Drives automation using trusted recommendations

The AI Journey in Supply Chain

  • Correlate Data at Incredible Scale and Speed
  • Predictive Insights
  • Continuous Learning Aiding Decision-Making
  • From Augmentation to Automation & Becoming a Trusted Advisor


Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology that presents a tremendous opportunity for improved operations and value. Not to mention, a significant competitive advantage. It complements and leverages existing systems, analytics, and technology investments, as well as augments the experience and capabilities of your supply chain professionals. Artificial intelligence represents the start of a journey of continuous improvement and increasing levels of AI and business value. This platform offers to optimize performance and build a more intelligent, agile, demand-sensitive, and customer-centric supply chain.

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