Leverage New Enhancements in IBM Watson Commerce v9

IBM Watson Commerce v9 combines the scale, security, performance and rich capabilities with the speed and flexibility of a modern, cloud-ready and extensible architecture.

The recent enhancements have further reinforced the position of IBM Watson Commerce v9 as a platform. Below are some of the salient features and enhancements that are offered in Watson Commerce v9 update packages:

Key Features/Enhancements

  • Support for direct migration from Version 7 Feature Pack 8 to Version 9

  • Improved Docker Container Deployment Process

  • Support for GDPR

  • Search Improvements

  • Oracle Database Support

  • Integration with Sterling Omni-Configurator

  • OAuth 2.0 framework integration for social login on storefront

  • Integrate Watson Commerce Insights with Watson Commerce and Watson Content Hub

Businesses can speed up innovation using IBM Watson Commerce v9. The modularization of Watson Commerce into loosely coupled components called Microservices has helped deliver faster innovation. The modular architecture simplifies platform management. We can scale the service that requires more performance rather than scaling the entire platform.

Moreover, the powerful Docker concept makes it easy for us to develop, deploy and run applications. It allows eCommerce professionals to package applications with all the parts it needs from the Operating System, libraries and dependencies and ship it out as one immutable package. This gives us more time innovating and less time maintaining the platform.

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