Artificial Intelligence: Key to Unlock Potential of the Internet of Things

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

The Internet of Things and the incredible advances it offers is gaining popularity. Tons of real-time data from an unlimited number of connected data devices offer unprecedented insights. However, how can we optimally use these data streams? The answer lies in AI: meets the Internet of intelligent things.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices that can generate and transfer the data over the Internet. The “Things” refer to the devices that are able to connect to “Internet”, generate the sheer quantity of data and share the device-information with other connected devices. The IoT is used to connect a variety of things such as mobile devices, sensors, vehicles, industrial plants, and manufacturing machines for developing intelligent systems, including Smart Home, Intelligent Vehicle, Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Grid, Intelligent Environmental Monitoring and Intelligent Health.

Problems with IoT?

  • Without the combination of AI, IoT acts like a traditional information system that responds based on predefined rules.
  • IoT devices are continuously generating a sheer quantity of data mostly in the non-structured format.
  • Nodes connected with the IoT devices have a hard time to process the raw data.
  • Cannot derive informed decision from the data-streams.

Where does AI Unlock IoT?

Artificial Intelligence has helped in unfolding an enormous potential of the Internet of Things, especially in recent times, as both the entities go hand in hand. The huge amount of data generated by the Internet of Things is processed by Artificial Intelligence, which in turn helps to infer insights.

IoT is about sensors implanted in the machines that continuously generate data streams via internet connectivity. Inevitably all IoT related services follow five basic steps called creating, communicating, aggregating, analyzing, and acting. “Acting” is irrefutably contingent on the penultimate analysis. Consequently, IoT's precise value is determined at its analysis stage. This is where AI steps in.

IoT provides data, and artificial intelligence gains the power to unlock responses, offering creativity and context to derive intelligent behaviour. Since the data supplied from the sensor can be analyzed with AI, businesses can make informed decisions. IoT technology coupled with AI provides the following agile solutions,

  • Ensure fast and accurate analysis
  • Maintain security against cyber attacks
  • Manage, analyze and get meaningful insights from data
  • Balance personalization with data privacy and confidentiality
  • Helps in Real-Time and Post Event Processing
  • Balance requirements for a centralized and localized intelligence

Today, we see a lot of growth in both the technologies, it has also been found from several surveys that that AI and IoT are the top technologies that companies invest the most to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. The following graphs show the details:

The explosion of IoT devices makes the future very connected and instantly accessible. AI now needs to handle all those devices and make sense of the data which comes from them. AI and IoT are very symbiotic in many aspects and will continue to have an interconnected relationship. There are many domains and business niches that can take advantage of the existence of both technologies. It's time to let the machines point where the real opportunities lie ahead.


The IoT is a powerful tool that can massively transform businesses and our everyday lives. Royal Cyber can strategize a comprehensive IoT strategy that can effectively offset the business and technical challenges the transition can bring.

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