AI to optimize the value of RPA

The biggest payout occurs when robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), are integrated to drive cognitive automation.

What does RPA do today?

RPA solicits software robots to perform complex, nested routines that cut across multiple applications and interact with these systems without the need to build complex and rigid system-to-system interfaces.

Though, regardless of the attractive potential, there are noteworthy technical limits contained by today’s RPA products that prevent achieving the full value of RPA projects.

These challenges include:

  • Conversion of non-digital process inputs
  • Ability to comprehend contextual understanding of instruction sets upstream of robotic activity
  • Ability to identify target data fields inside unstructured document
  • Not accommodating the changing rules or business logic with relative ease
  • Getting insights from performance of transactional data within a robotized process

How can we address these challenges?

Royal Cyber recognizes that the ability to address these technical challenges will unlock significant additional value within RPA-enabled business operations. In response, Royal Cyber leverages the powerful capabilities introduced through IBM Watson services for assistance.

The benefits of combining RPA and AI

RPA can be combined with AI to empower new and compelling use cases and unravel new levels of value in two ways:

  1. Spread out RPA to areas that were earlier unfit for automation
  2. Increasing the yield of robotics within the existing processes

How can you get started?

Enterprises are attracted to the abilities of cognitive automation but are aware of the need for expert guidance in developing the overall roadmap, implementing a robust model, selecting and integrating appropriate technologies, and achieving the business objectives.

Our approach is to take-off an enterprise-level automation competency designed with a cognitive automation strategy and provide the necessary support to make it operational and execute this strategy. Royal Cyber along with their technological partner has considerable experience in this ground and can add value to your business instantaneously.

Royal Cyber has a full lifecycle of services, including designing an automation strategy and roadmap, setting up automation Centers of Excellence (CoEs), implementation, virtual workforce management, change management and governance. For more information on our systematic approach to automation programs, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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