Upgrade Your Existing ESB with the New IBM APP Connect

Traditional business models are exposed by the digital economy. Having the capability to do business digitally has become a need in order to survive. In looking for a way to a digital future, organizations find themselves restricted by legacy architectures and products that do not enable their transformation strategy. In many organizations, legacy Enterprise Service Bus implementations have become a hurdle to digital transformation.

Conventionally the role of the ESB was to fulfill the promise of SOA by providing invocation, routing, mediation, messaging, service orchestration, and the other services needed for large, enterprise architectures.

For an enterprise that wants to be connected, an ESB is always a must to ensure that all its parts are connected with each other in a scalable model. Pushing connectivity as a major factor for an enterprises excellence, IBM has brought its own Enterprise Service Bus to deliver a universal integration support, APP Connect. Through IBM APP Connect one can experience the best-of-both worlds with enhanced functionality.

Many organizations have completely developed and mature ESBs in place to handle the services needed for their applications. The pain of development, training and deployment has been paid off over the years to the point where developing features with the ESB may be equal to writing a suite of microservices.

Migration from ESB to Cloud Native Platforms

If you are stuck with your current ESB approach and would like to upgrade, we recommend planning out a migration to APP Connect Enterprise.


  • A platform to develop loosely coupled architectures for SOA solutions
  • Embrace agile integration architecture for deploying your integration apps as microservices
  • Visual design and deployment of integrations
  • Reusable implementations
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Move your existing integrations to the cloud
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance over point to point interfaces.
  • Delivers faster time to value for several hybrid integrations

Considerations for Upgrade/Migrate

  • Topology
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Administration and operations
  • Applications
  • Architectural approach

Royal Cyber Your Migration Partner

With several years of experience in SOA and microservices space, Royal Cyber teams are enabled to appropriately guide you through a seamless experience to migrate as you bring the power of APP Connect to your enterprise.

Our experts can help you to analyze your existing ESB architecture, join us for a free webinar, we can help you understand the technology of APP Connect.

Contact us today to kick-start your upgrade or migration from ESB to APP Connect, write to us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com for more information.

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