Top 5 reasons why you should consider IBM App Connect

IBM App Connect allows you to connect data from applications like Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, and Microsoft regardless of where they are in your environment – be it on premise, public or private cloud.

  • Supports a wide range of integration styles from traditional SOA to modern event, API, and microservices.

  • Multiple deployment options allow the business to deploy in any cloud or on-premises system, and run your integration solution close

  • Easily apply AI to your integration through a no code approach to create intelligent business solutions.

  • Access to hundreds of secure pre-built connectors so integration users can focus more on business logic

  • User centric tooling enables integration specialists and application developers to work collaboratively around systems and data

Ways to leverage IBM App Connect

Integrate Data

Maximize your investments by being able to integrate even your legacy applications to newer cloud based ones without worrying about architectures and data formats. Intelligent mapping functions enable you to transform data in transit and make it ready for alignment in the destination application. IBM App Connect also supports batch, bulk and real-time synchronization giving you the flexibility to deliver information where you need it.

Build APIs

App Connect manages the complexity of connecting applications and transforming data giving you a simple way to build and manage APIs through the API management solution of your choice. For new developers, a model-driven approach provides a simple way to build powerful and robust APIs, while experienced users can utilize the power of the tool to expose any data using code and powerful transformation technologies as required through App Connect Enterprise (ACE) or App Connect Professional (ACP).

Act on Events

With the help of smart connectors you can capture events from applications even if they are not designed on event driven architectures. Using App Connect situational tooling you can empower your teams with the context to apply such data, to rapidly build and change integrations as their needs shift.

Flexible Deployment Options

IBM App Connect offers clients a flexible approach to deploying their integration workloads. By deploying integrations close to the applications, App Connect enables organizations to access data faster effectively bringing down latency issues related to performance and cost.


  • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service or the IBM Cloud
  • Fully managed SaaS on IBM Cloud
  • Containerized deployment for multi-cloud - the lightweight runtime is optimized for deployment to third party clouds – AWS, Azure, and Google


  • Software install for private cloud – on-premise or IBM Cloud Private

Choosing the Right Solution Partner for your Enterprise

Unlock the full potential of IBM App Connect with Royal Cyber and to learn more about how IBM App Connect can help you in your multi-cloud integration journey, visit our website or email us at [email protected].

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