Modernize Business Performance with IBM API Connect

In today’s market apps control everything, right from powering startups, reconfiguring customer engagement, dismantling established players; companies cannot stake their success in accurately predicting what is next. They have to be ready and emerge with game changing ideas. How can they achieve and transform with the trends and also be empowered in the market?

Key Market Shifts

In the digital world, new technologies and collaborative mash-ups are constantly redrawing the competitive landscape. As recent disruptors have demonstrated, the impact of the digital economy cannot be underestimated. Operating in an environment in which 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day and 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years, traditional rules of engagement and entrenched players are being turned upside down.

Embrace the API Economy

APIs, or application programming interfaces, serve as the interface that connects existing backend systems of record to the ever-changing systems of engagement. As the currency of cloud and mobile, APIs are driving the digital economy linking the systems that run business processes, services, content, IoT and data to internal and external developers and partners.

The API economy holds the key to accelerating value, improving business performance, and extending services and goods to the widest possible audience. It is based on a new business reality — one which runs on collaboration, connectedness and speed.

Why APIs?

Collaborating with developers and partners to create new services within the traditional framework of existing IT infrastructures requires time-consuming recoding and considerable resources — the kind of time and investment that companies can’t devote to every innovation in the fast-paced digital world.

APIs operate independently of the existing IT infrastructure allowing for their inherent agility. They support a level of speed, reach and innovation that would not be possible if every new idea for engaging with customers had an impact on reprogramming the intricate legacy systems upon which the business runs.

Today, mobile means more than phones. It is tablets, connected TV, Google Glass and wearables. The Internet of Things (IoT) will exponentially increase the number of connected devices, with APIs powering the upcoming surge of connectedness. For some businesses such as automobiles, health monitors, pipeline sensors and electric meters, it’s fairly easy to imagine integration with devices and the benefits that will result. For many other industries, the potential impact and advantage of embedded sensors will be the result of collaborative ideation and the creation of things yet imagined.

A sharpened focus on the API Economy is the key to staying ahead as the digital landscape shifts. As such, it is where enterprises need to focus their IT investment resources in the near term. In the digital economy all digital customer engagements are enabled via APIs.

Watch API in Action!

An industrywide recognition that APIs are the essential facilitators of speed, innovation and reach in the emerging cloud-based API Economy has given rise to a new group of niche players that tout agility with a distinct focus on the future.

Royal Cyber has the experts, platform and composition environment to position clients for leadership in the API Economy. Enterprise-ready technologies that are packaged to be easy to use and consume, along with industry-leading middleware technologies that power systems of record, result in an unsurpassed combination for building integrated and powerful customer experiences. IBM clients are able to rapidly build and deploy apps at a much lower cost than ever before.

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