Intelligent Behavior Detection with Apigee Sense

APIs are everywhere. With their prevalence comes a full set of security threats. They can arise in the form of automated software programs that commit brute force attacks, information scraping, and account abuse. They can probe for API security weaknesses and skew analytics.

These threats are difficult to identify because they merge in with normal API traffic. That is when Apigee Sense beefs up the API security. Apigee Sense detects, collects, analyzes, and mitigates API attacks, and is purpose-built to protect APIs.

Business Use Case:

  • Apigee Sense protects your APIs from unwanted request traffic, including attacks from malicious clients. Apigee Sense analyzes API request traffic, identifying patterns that might represent unwanted requests.
  • Using this analysis, you can identify clients were making unwanted requests, then take action to allow, block, or flag those requests.
  • With Apigee Sense, you can protect your APIs from request patterns that include:
    • Automated behavior that blends with human behavior
    • Persistent attempts from the same IP
    • Unusual error rates
    • Suspicious client requests
    • Data crawling
    • Key harvesting
    • Activity bursts
    • Geographical patterns


  • Apigee sense collects, analyzes, identifies and mitigates API attacks.
  • The algorithms are built from analyzing metadata gathered from daily API calls.
  • It then identifies the anomalous behavior in regular API traffic one suspicious activity is detected you’re alerted on a dashboard that provides analytics and trends.
  • Users can specify countermeasures including blocking or tagging potentially malicious clients to divert them for more sophisticated handling based on these countermeasures Apigee sense automates the detection and mitigation of attacks on your API.
  • It makes it difficult for attackers to attack your API’s, Apigee sense secure your data and services with behavior detection that’s intelligent and purpose-built for API’s.


It’s a data-driven security solution that leverages a high volume of API call data and predictive analytics to continually and proactively identify bad “bots”–the automated software programs deployed over the Internet for malicious purposes like identity theft.

Apigee Sense uses sophisticated machine learning to improve security as bad bots evolve; it extends the security capabilities of the Apigee Edge API management platform. For more information on how we can implement this in your existing environment you can email us at [email protected] or visit

By Samra Darakshan

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