IBM WebSphere MQ – Integrated Messaging to Connect your Enterprises

In order to improve today’s futuristic IT environments, there must first be an understanding of the issues which are becoming more difficult as systems connect and grow.

Every business already has dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of applications. These applications are deployed on many different IT environments—whether predominantly deployed in a data center, or scattered through many branch offices, warehouses or throughout multiple countries. Some of these systems will be connected together. Others will run in isolation or will be connected to some subset of other applications.

Business leaders are likely to be evaluating not just how to connect new applications to address new business opportunities, but also whether the connections between existing applications and systems are meeting today’s challenges and are ready for tomorrow’s.

IBM WebSphere MQ is a messaging-based middleware, enabling integration between applications, systems, and services. The principle behind it is that instead of connecting and directly exchanging information with each other applications send information over an indirect middleware layer. This layer packages the information that is to be exchanged as a message and moves the message through a queuing system to the receiving application.

Key Differentiators:

Robust, security-rich and more reliable messaging for your enterprise
Link almost everything, available for the widest possible set of platforms and programming environments to help us manage application complexity
Provides an extensive, secure and reliable messaging solution to support conventional and emerging messaging needs
Assures delivery of information—once and only once—with the highest quality of service

Business Value:

With IBM MQ and IBM MQ Advanced, a market leader in messaging middleware, we can help support scalable enterprise-class integration that is designed to scale with your increasing integration challenges and requirements.

IBM MQ Advanced is designed to provide you with the most complete solution for connecting applications, systems, and services to move data and files more reliably, securely, rapidly and simply.

Smartly Interconnected Enterprise

Available for the extensive possible set of platforms and programming environments, this IBM solution helps to remove the complexity from applications and enables business teams to focus on core business functions. IBM MQ has been connecting applications in companies for nearly 20 years. Start to discover what Royal Cyber with IBM MQ can do for your business today!

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