Automate, Build, Deploy & Test in IIB & MQ

Without continuous testing, there is no continuous delivery. Continuous testing extends agile and lean practices across the delivery lifecycle. The need of the hour is to resolve todays testing challenges with confidence. The solution below will help you predict outages and monitor apps in your existing IBM Integration Bus (IIB) and IBM MQ based environments of any size.

In this blog, our middleware experts demonstrate the complete workflow of how it can be used. Here is a list of challenges when working with IIB & WebSphere MQ and Royal Cyber to minimize the effort of continuous deployment & continuous delivery.

People Dependency | Skill and Effort Challenges

  • High Efforts for Creating and Configuring Brokers Manually
  • Development & Testing Teams Spend 30 To 50% of Their Time Administering Environments
  • High Turnaround Time for Routine Deployments
  • Repetition of the Same Tasks on Multiple Nodes and Domains

Complexity Dependency | Control & Visibility Challenges

  • Complex and Distributed Systems
  • Errors Due to Manual Deployments
  • Testing Distributed Enterprise Integration is Not Easy
  • The Built-In Support for Testing Is Not Sufficient
  • Configurations and Policies Variation across Environments
  • Lack of Visibility into Type and Number of Changes Being Implemented
  • Low Flexibility Due to Stringent Oversight for All Changes

Integration Dependency | Build & Deployment Challenges

  • Deployment timeouts before successful completion
  • Integration Node Version or Mode Restricts Deployment or Configuration of Integration Servers, Number of Flows and Node Types
  • Make sure that the BAR File's Broker.Xml file contains references to the correct resources for the new system.
  • Confirm that all Referenced Message sets are deployed
  • If Database resources or User-Defined Nodes are not accessible or authorized from the target system, the deployment fails.
  • All User-Defined Extensions that are used in the message flow might not load if it is not found, or are not linked correctly.
  • Restarting the Integration Node and Redeployment of the Message Flow is required
  • ESQL Code/Message Model Errors

DevOps for IIB and MQ: Solution

Automated Build & Deployment Workflow

Our Solution Package

IIB/MQ Admin Tasks

Planning & Configuration

1. Brining new node online 2. High availability of the node DR 3. Securing the node
Managing the Node
1. Deployments 2. Optimizing and performance tuning 3. Migrations

Adding New Node

1. Pre Configuration 4. Create Configurations 7. Virtualization 2. Installation 5. Deploying Bar 3. Create node / server 6. Scripting

Factors for ROI

  • Hourly Rate of Your Deployment Team
  • Number of Applications
  • Annual Major Application Releases
  • Annual Minor Application Releases
  • Average Person Hours for Major Production Deployments
  • Average Person Hours for Minor Production Deployments
  • Average Error Rate for Deployments
  • Average Number of Deployments per Dev/Test (For Each Application)
  • Average Deployment to Test Environment
  • Average Error Resolution Time
  • Number of Ftes Writing and Maintaining Deployment Scripts
  • Average Hourly Cost for an Unexpected Outage in Production
  • Average Hourly Cost for an Unexpected Outage in Test Environment

Achievable ROI with Royal Cyber’s DevOps Solution

Royal Cyber Increasing Flexibility and Reducing Infrastructure Overheads

Royal Cyber’s exclusive solution for DevOps for IIB and MQ can automate tasks of your middleware tier. You can include the above steps in your automation plan. For further information on how it can be applied in your middleware tier, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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