Build Value for your Business with a Better Mobile User Experience (UX)

Written by Victor Alister Vaz

Business Development Manager at Royal Cyber

Mobile user experience (UX) gets the limelight, as cell phones become the primary device for access to information.

User experience (UX) contributes highly to business success in today’s time. Investing in offering a smooth user experience (UX) can make our customers happy and in turn, lead to an increased Return on Investment (ROI). Even the minor changes that help the customers navigate easily and faster can make a huge difference in their perception of the brand. The more we focus on our customer’s needs and listen to their feedback, the better experience we will deliver.

What is Mobile UX?

  • Mobile UX focus on the experience that a user has with a mobile app. This includes both good and bad experiences, as well as emotions.
  • UX Design is the process of building a delightful, interactive & intuitive experience. It includes aspects like interaction, content, and sound design and considers the complete customer journey.

Common Challenges in Mobile UX

Some of the common challenges that we usually face in Mobile UX and often is the reason for failure are as follows:

  • Not optimized for mobile

  • Doesn’t cater fingers

  • User can’t find what they want

  • Forms sucks

  • Not having distraction-free checkouts

  • Against the mobile gesture/features

  • Unintuitive interfaces

  • Navigation patterns

  • Not allowing to search within the category

  • Keyboard choice issue (numeric/alphabet)

Advantages of Mobile UX

  • Adds value to your business
  • Helps build brand image and customer loyalty
  • Saves time, money & effort
  • Better user engagement with the content
  • Customer satisfaction and ROI

    Royal Cyber

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