The Advantages of AI as a Service for Mobile Apps

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

A Quick look at the top Service Providers for AI as a Service

According to the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, Al is one of the most important breakthroughs humanity is working on at the moment. It will be more life-changing than electricity and fire.

According to Adobe's findings, 47% of organizations that are 'digitally matured' have a defined Al strategy

AI as a Service

From self-driven cars to Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. As it stands, all companies these days want to use Artificial Intelligence to improve their business.

However, AI doesn’t come easy, as it requires a whole lot of investment. The AI machines are expensive; programmers who were familiar with AI are expensive.

This is where AI as a Service becomes so important. Since this is a solution for companies that do not want to build, test, and implement their AI systems from the beginning.

These organizations can focus on their core business and gain value addition from AI without becoming data or machine learning experts. This also means that they get increasing profits while decreasing their risk of investment using AIaaS.

Advantages of AIaaS


The heavy investment at the start is the main reason why companies shy away from using AI. With the help of AIaaS, companies need not worry about heavy investments. At a very minimal cost, you can enjoy AI and its capabilities.

Pay for What you Use

With specific plans, companies need not spend increasingly complex AI specifications instead pay for what they need. Although AI requires a lot of power when it is used, companies that buy AIaaS can pay as they use.

Easy to Use

The best part is that the software developers need not be AI experts to implement Artificial Intelligence as a Service. Most companies that offer AIaaS have pre-created jump start packages for various AI services.

Scalability is always Available

Organizations can start with smaller projects using AIaaS to see if they have the right corporate fit. And later, when they are more confident, they can always scale up their projects.

Let’s look at the top Service Providers for Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is a Microsoft cloud solution. Azure provides the following:

  • Decision – To make smarter decisions Faster.
  • Language – With the help of Language, you can easily extract meaning from unstructured text.
  • Speech – Speech allows you to add conveniently, speech to text, text to speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition for mobile apps.
  • Vision – Vision helps in identifying and analyzing content with images, videos, and Digital Ink.
  • Web Search – And with the help of Web search, you can find what you’re looking for the worldwide web.

The programming languages of this platform are

  • R
  • Python

IBM Watson

The distinguishing factor of using IBM Watson is that it lets the developers process user requests completely regardless of the format. Any data, including voice notes, images, and printed formats, is analyzed quickly with multiple approaches.

This search method is Unique and not found in any other platform other than IBM Watson. Besides, the multitasking in IBM Watson places an upper hand in most cases as it has a minimum risk factor involved.


Google’s open-source library allows the creation of several solutions on deep machine learning, which is considered necessary to solve nonlinear problems. Tensorflow applications work with the communication experience they have with the users and gradually discover the answers as per the users’ request.

This is a platform created by the Google development team, which is known to use contextual dependencies. Allows programmers to add a Speech Interface to their Apps & Devices. It enables apps and devices to; listen, understand, and perform the requested actions. is an open-source framework with cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities. Facebook owns it, and it is used to create intelligent chatbots for mobile apps, social channels, websites, and IoT devices.

Prominent characteristics Include:

  • It converts speech into printed texts
  • It enables a “history” feature which can analyze context-sensitive data
  • It can generate highly accurate answers to user requests
  • Great chatbot for commercial websites.
  • It is a good platform for the creation of mobile applications with machine learning.

Amazon AI

The renowned AI-based platform is used to identify; human speech and visual objects. This is done with the help of the broadest and deepest set of machine learning Services.

With the Amazon AI, you can do the following:

  • Add Intelligence to your Business Mobile Apps
  • Easily build, train and deploy models
  • It also has flexible framework choices for Machine Learning experts


Clarifai delivers a comprehensive set of tools for developers, researchers, data scientists, and enterprises to control the entire AI Lifecycle.

It provides endless Possibilities with Computer Vision and AI through:

  • Automated Tagging
  • Content Moderation
  • Visual Search
  • Document Clarification

It collects valuable information from; Videos, Images, and Text, using computer vision and Natural Language Processing.


While Artificial Intelligence is so important for the success of any business, Artificial Intelligence as a Service gives business and app owners the perfect opportunity to make the most of it without investing too much.

Gartner has predicted, “Business Value derived from AI will reach a maximum of $3.9 Trillion in the next two years.”

This means, “if not you, then your competition will definitely make full use of AI.” For the same reason, the earlier we adapt this, the better it will be.

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