Why Google Cloud Platform should be part of your portfolio?

Written by: Nikhil John   &   Poonam Chandersy

Chief Growth Officer Technical Content Writer

Google is synonymous with speed and agility. Our way of checking whether the internet is working or not is by googling. Because if google works the internet works!

Google Cloud Platform was launched on April 7th, 2008. A brief history of Google Cloud involves launching an App Engine to make it easy for companies to start work and release new apps. Initially, they released it only to a few customers and developers – companies that had millions of users. Later in May, they opened the platform for all users who could come in and provision their app engine environment through an admin console.

Fast forward 13 years to April 2021, Google Cloud is now the 3rd largest public cloud provider and has been the fastest growing public cloud with a growth rate of 40%+ quarter on quarter.

Google Cloud – At a Glance

Google Cloud provides products and solutions for businesses to transform digitally, with a customer-centric approach to solving business challenges.

Google Cloud’s mission is to “organize your information and supercharge it for you”

The information is organized and supercharged by Google Cloud through a technology infrastructure that Google has been scaling for over 20 years. This is the same infrastructure that powers all of Google's services—from Search to Gmail to YouTube— Google Cloud will provide you with that same technology.

The infrastructure is worldwide - spanning over 200 countries. This means that the network infrastructure is isolated from the public internet and has the following:

  • Higher availability

  • Lower latency

  • Better security

The custom server hardware and data centers bring an enormous amount of cloud technology computing power to people all over the world.

Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

This technology is transforming how businesses create value, how people work, and ultimately how people live. The growth in this technology is being driven by the shift that companies see in different industries towards digital technology.

For example: In the automotive industry, today a car is a mechanical device. In a few years, that car will be a computer on wheels as a self-driving car.

In the pharmaceutical industry, today, chemists are defining molecular structures to define solutions to medical problems.

In the future, this will not be driven purely by chemistry because data science will enable these scientists to do precision medicine.

Say you have a business challenge. Let us start thinking about the datasets in your ecosystem. These datasets will give an insight on the factors that impact your business.

By combining datasets and cloud technology, you can start building a model to self-learn based on historical production and real time data. This will provide you with predictions that are accurate.

What is the impact of using cloud technology to address your business challenge?

You now can anticipate production and share that with your partners. It means that your partners can better resource their facilities because they will know when there are peaks and troughs in supply.

Digitally transforming a business means that companies can use the benefits of Google Cloud technology and Google Cloud consulting to grow their business in ways they may have never imagined!

Why Google Cloud?

  • Support: Every Google Cloud Platform customer gets basic support for free. If you need an additional help, you can easily upgrade to a premium support package and get greater access to support engineers

  • Security: Google’s security model goes the extra mile with scalable infrastructure and innovation capabilities to help keep organizations secure and compliant

  • Flexibility: Brian Stevens, Google Cloud’s CTO has said, “we are entering a future marked by openness and interoperability”, and Google sure is at the forefront

  • Analytics: Data is behind everything Google does.

  • Reputation: It’s Google. Enough said!

Google Cloud Platform products and services address challenges companies may be facing in their industry so that they can digitally transform, innovate, and drive their business. The products and solutions offered can help companies with:

  • Infrastructure Modernization - Spend less time on managing infrastructure and more time innovating.
  • Data Management - Manage data to build new capabilities and applications.
  • Application Development - Develop new applications to transform customer experiences.
  • Smart Business Analytics and AI - Generate insights from data with smart analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • Workplace Transformation - Transform how people work together.

We at Royal Cyber will provide you with GCP consulting services. We offer re-platforming, re-architecting, and re-factoring of your cloud environment to be more cloud native. Our Google Cloud Practice has certified GCP professional architects, devops, developers and data engineers who can help grow your business at an accelerated rate and unlock your business’ true potential. For further details on our GCP products and services, contact us.

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