Best Practices for AWS Config

Everyone knows that Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud is a flexible and highly dynamic environment. Though it is flexible and incredibly beneficial, it also has its share of management challenges.

It is pretty tough to keep track of changes that are made in the cloud. This can be especially true for organizations that have large AWS deployments or have multiple AWS administrators. The AWS Config can help you keep track of what is going on in the AWS cloud.

This auditing tool helps consumers actively monitor and track AWS assets. This tool allows administrators to determine compliance with corporate and security standards. It also determines changes to the cloud ecosystem, which may be resulting in performance and functionality problems.

Track Every Move in the Cloud with AWS Config

AWS Config lets you configure rules that you would like your AWS resources to fulfil, and tracks to see whether the resources comply with those rules. Every time something is changed, Config records the change. It stores a snap of the system at custom intervals set by the user and even records how one AWS resource relates to another. It keeps a copy of the configuration history and then presents an overview of those resources and their configurations in a dashboard.

AWS Config can be used for a variety of purposes. We can create a set of rules using AWS Lambda, and then can use AWS Config to check the compliance state of the AWS resources based on those rules. There is even a dashboard that you can use for compliance monitoring.


  • Suitable for OFFICIA`L (formerly IL2/IL3) and/or SENSITIVE workloads

  • NCSC Cloud Security Principles aligned, Security Cleared (SC) staff available

  • Connectivity options for N3, PSN, Janet, RLi, and regional networks

  • Provides continuously updated details of AWS resource attributes

  • Assesses compliance of AWS resources against predefined rules

  • Receives notifications of changes to resource or compliance adherence

  • Visual dashboards showing current compliance status and change history

  • Uses pre-defined rules or builds custom rules using AWS Lambda

  • Integrates with 3rd party tools and solutions


  • Integrates role-based access control across all AWS services

  • Comprehensive, cross service API audit logging and security

  • Can integrate with other AWS services (24x7 support and consolidated billing)

  • Has training and architectural patterns/guidance

  • Assists with resource discovery and configuration tracking

  • Captures, reports, and actions configuration changes

  • Identifies relationships between resources

  • Provides continuous audit and compliance of AWS resources

  • Assists with troubleshooting

  • Supports security and incident analyses

Capabilities of AWS Config

  • You can view how different resources are connected and how a configuration change to one affects other resources.

  • You can monitor continuous compliance with rules that you’ve created.

Maintaining compliance in an environment whenever a change is introduced is hard to track. We need to scale, speed, and manage with security and compliance. Royal Cyber is a trusted partner of AWS with highly experienced consultants who has much knowledge in AWS applications. To talk to one of our AWS experts email us at [email protected] or visit

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