AWS Security – Identity and Access Management

Cloud-based services have taken over today’s world and over the past few years, delivering cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are no exception. The right solution can reduce risk, cut down costs, and save time, but choosing the right vendor requires careful consideration.

In the present, cloud-enabled and the mobile world go hand in hand and identity must be about the user and the device. Secure access needs proper trust like; is your device known, secured, and managed?

New Login Feature for IAM

Security is needed for any application, but once the app is hosted on a public cloud, security becomes vital. The AWS IAM features play a crucial role in providing secure and controlled access to AWS resources. The acceptance of AWS as a public cloud is due its amazing features.

Any business process that touches applications and IT resources relies on identity and access management technologies to enable secure access and lessen the risk. Through Royal Cyber’s IAM consulting services approach, focused on the intersection of technology capabilities and business challenges, our team leverages deep domain knowledge and integration expertise to implement the optimal solution for your business processes.

Unfortunately, most of the solutions fall short when it comes to mobile support because they were architected and built before mobile devices became so exposed to accessing apps. There is a true convergence of mobility and identity, and they should go hand in hand.

AWS & its Robust Access Policy

AWS has made enhancements the way you sign in to your AWS account. Whether you sign in as your account’s root user or an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, you can sign in from the AWS Management Console’s homepage. If you sign in as an IAM user, you don’t need to have to use an account-specific URL. On the other hand, the account-specific URL you have used earlier to sign in will continue to work.

This new feature from AWS sign-in experience, you are allowed to sign in from the home page with your root users or IAM user’s identifications. In the first stage, root users enter their email ID’s; IAM users enter their account ID. In the second stage, root users enter their password; IAM users enter their username and password. This new feature lets you create separate and distinct IAM users for technical and business purposes.

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