AWS Just Got More Secure With the New AWS Security Hub

As digital transformation has become a requirement among corporations globally, cloud adoption has been accelerated by the need to deliver more applications to market in less time. At this point security plays a major role.

Security has always been a major concern when any service is ready for go-live, but a more concerned domain is the one when security alerts are actually generated. Working on each one, rectify and; more importantly prioritizing the alerts sometimes end up even in a big loop-hole. To cater such needs, AWS has recently launched a service known as “Security Hub”, though it is still in preview mode.

AWS Security Hub enables multiple security warnings and allows alerts to be segregated and help to prioritize the ones which need the most attention. The feature is available with no additional cost. It collects data from AWS accounts, services and third-party partners to help analyze the security patterns.

Security Hub itself uses Amazon Guard Duty, Inspector and Amazon Macie. There are number of other partner security solutions as well for collection.

Revolutionary Benefits

  • Reduces the efforts to collect security data across accounts and brings it in one place.
  • Compliance checks can be run according to industry security standards and actions can be customized as per needs.
  • It provides the security findings shared by third-party solutions.
  • Highlights the area which needs the most attention and could cause security breach.

Standards and Insights of AWS Security Hub

  • Bundled with 43 automated continuous Compliance checks.
  • Uses service linked roles with the help of IAM and includes specific roles required by SH to call other services
  • When enabled in a particular AWS account, by default it enables CIS AWS foundations standard in that account.
  • You can invite other accounts to enable Security Hub and become associated with your AWS account. If your invitation is accepted, your account is designated as the master Security Hub account, and the associated accounts become your member accounts.
  • Security Hub can be configured with CloudWatch in a way that Security Hub only sends selected findings and insights to CloudWatch for any further processing.

Manual compliance of the services running on AWS infrastructure can be hectic and can take up most of the production hours. Moreover, prioritizing the ones which could affect business is in fact an immense task. AWS security Hub feature assists to automate all such tasks, according to the CIS AWS foundations standards as well the third part compliance.

In addition to the default compliance insights, it also offers custom insights which will assist to track down the security issues which are specific to your services. The findings from multiple compliance processes can leave one with hundreds of results even after sorting them out numbers are in abundance. This is where AWS Security Hub comes in and aggregates, organizes and prioritize those findings.

Royal Cyber Keeping Up with AWS Pulse

As an AWS partner of this new service, Royal Cyber has recognized the need for its customers and wants to simplify and consolidate security proceedings with cloud environment. For more information about AWS Security Hub solutions or any other services on AWS, please visit us at or write to us at [email protected].

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