AWS Code Build with Build Notifications

Integrate Code, Build Artifact and Manage release. If you know the pain of the process you will look into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) CodeBuild. Maintaining a project developed by many team members concurrently which are composed of different functions, environment, and languages, AWS CodeBuild is here to help you.

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed build service that lets an IT developer automate and manage server builds for applications that are present in the AWS public cloud. From the specified location of the source code, you can select your build settings, and CodeBuild will run build scripts. There are no servers to scale and provision, or software to install, configure, and operate.

AWS CodeBuild in Action

AWS CodeBuild now provides notifications when your software builds change their state. This makes it simple to track the status of your builds, removing the need to set up API polls. AWS CodeBuild applies Docker containers to build your code depending on your environment. You can build environments provided by AWS or existing Docker images from Elastic Container Registry or Docker hub. At the present, AWS provides build environments for Java, Android, Ruby, Go, Node.js, Python, and Docker. All your command line outputs are streamed into AWS management consoles during the build process.


  • Suitable for OFFICIAL (formerly IL2/IL3) and/or SENSITIVE workloads

  • NCSC Cloud Security Principles aligned, Security Cleared (SC) staff available

  • Connectivity options for N3, PSN, Janet, RLi, and regional networks

  • Fully managed build services, easy to deploy

  • Creates custom build environments that use your own build tools

  • Pay as you go: charged per minute for compute resources


Integrated role-based access control across all AWS services (IAM)
Comprehensive, cross-service API audit logging and security (CloudTrail)
Integration with other AWS services (24×7 support/consolidated billing)
Training and architectural patterns / guidance (well architected)
Scalability – scales continuously and processes multiple builds concurrently
Easy to customize by building environments around your build tools


There are no upfront costs or minimum fees. You pay only for the resources you use.

  • Build duration calculated in minutes

  • Build.general1. small 0.05$ per minute

  • Build.general1. medium 0.10$ per minute

  • Build.general1. large 0.20$ per minute

  • AWS free tier includes 100build minutes of build. general1.small per month.

Monthly build charges

Build minutes = 100 builds * 5 minutes = 500 build minutes

Build minutes – Free tier build minutes = Monthly billable build minutes = 500 – 100 = 400 build minutes

Monthly build charges = 400 build minutes * $0.005 = $2

Supported Regions

  • North Virginia

  • Ohio

  • Oregon

  • North California

  • Montreal

  • Ireland

  • Frankfurt

  • London

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

  • Sydney

  • Seoul

Simplify the Code Build

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