Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

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The global disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market is projected to be worth over 20 billion dollars in the following years. Disaster recovery is a crucial aspect of cloud computing as companies migrate from on-prem to the cloud to provide secure storage of assets in case of any future contingencies. Cloud platforms are the leaders in disaster recovery solutions as no other technology offers the same level of instant scalability and security and is cost-effective. In addition, since cloud platforms like AWS and GCP control data and processing for businesses, they have significant redundancy and fail-safe practices to keep data safe and backed up.

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

AWS has long been a leader in the cloud market, and from the very beginning, they have been committed to securing companies against data loss. With a 99.95% uptime, businesses can be assured that their data will always be accessible. Additionally, one need not worry about having backup procedures or spending on any physical media to store old and archived records. Are you a newcomer who wants a guaranteed backup for your enterprise’s data?

Watch our video, where we explain how AWS handles disaster recovery

In this blog, we aim to highlight AWS disaster recovery solution: CloudEndure, an AWS subsidiary company that specializes in providing migration and disaster recovery services.

An Introduction to AWS CloudEndure

There are two primary services offered by AWS CloudEndure- CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and CloudEndure Migration. AWS CloudEndure Migration enables companies to transfer workloads- whether on-prem, virtual, or cloud-based to AWS. CloudEndure Migration by AWS supports highly automated, self-service oriented, lift and shift migrations of workloads. With the help of the console and CloudEndure Agent, you can ensure that your applications are compatible with the new AWS environment before you completely migrate. Furthermore, CloudEndure Migration AWS supports Microsoft and Linux workloads. However, it is essential to note that this service will essentially be discontinued by December 2022. Therefore, developers should use AWS Application Migration Service for cloud migration rather than AWS CloudEndure Migration.

AWS CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, launched in 2012, is an IT solution that helps your organization recover from unexpected outages- accidental or malicious. With block-level, continuous data replication, recovery is possible in minutes. Since 2019, CloudEndure has been part of AWS, helping clients protect their businesses. In combination, they have delivered innovative and flexible migration and disaster recovery solutions suitable for all companies, from SMEs to MNCs.

There are several unique benefits when it comes to leveraging AWS CloudEndure as your company’s disaster recovery solution:

  • Compared to traditional disaster recovery solutions, CloudEndure is highly cost-effective.
  • Ensure Sub-second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).
  • Get a Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes.
  • Access support for infrastructure and workloads across critical databases and enterprise apps like MySQL, Oracle, and SAP.
  • With failover to target AWS Region, you can ensure safeguarding assets in case of disaster- manufactured or otherwise.
  • With point-in-time recovery, create up-to-date snapshots from replicated servers in minutes on disaster strikes.
  • Restore operations onto the source location instantly with one-click failback
  • Carry out trials to prepare for disaster recovery with endless drills that guarantee zero disruption.

Two solutions are offered by AWS CloudEndure: disaster recovery and migration. With AWS CloudEndure Migration and Disaster Recovery services, companies can shift their resources from on-prem, private cloud, and other public cloud platforms. It even supports cross-region disaster recovery from other AWS servers. With block level, continuous data replication companies can ensure that only the most up-to-date data is available during data recovery. By staging the replication in a low-cost “staging area” within AWS, organizations do not have to get billed for vast storage and computing. If and when disaster strikes, CloudEndure starts an automated machine conversion process and orchestration engine that can back up the servers within AWS VMs in a matter of seconds. AWS CloudEndure offers the instant replication and backup capabilities of a “warm standby” solution at the cost of a “cold standby” solution. The following diagram below displays the basic architectural setup of AWS CloudEndure:

To begin your journey on AWS CloudEndure, a few essential steps need to be followed:

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

Register for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery via AWS Marketplace

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

Configure and run your Disaster Recovery workflow

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

Create projects and generate AWS credentials

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

Add VMs by installing CloudEndure agents

Eliminate Data Loss and Maintain Business Continuity with AWS CloudEndure

Set up replication settings

Regarding pricing, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is an hourly billed service that charges on the source servers registered, irrespective of the storage capacity. Initially, it would charge a monthly fee per server with a pre-set contract term and license volume. This allows companies more flexibility as they are not required to make any long-term commitment to using CloudEndure services. Data replication, data recovery drills, automated failbacks, failovers, and point-in-time recovery are the critical services that are billed. Besides the subscription fee, companies are expected to pay for the low-cost staging area and only for fully provisioned servers in a drill or disaster recovery scenario. This pricing model reduces initial billing by 80%. Companies can subscribe to AWS CloudEndure via AWS Marketplace.

How Can Royal Cyber Help?

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