SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud

SAP HANA is a relational database that provides high-performance analytics and real-time data processing with its in-memory capability. The AWS Cloud offers infrastructure services that empower us to deploy SAP HANA in a fault-resilient and economical way. By deploying this solution on the AWS Cloud, we can leverage the functionality of SAP HANA in addition to the flexibility and security of AWS.

Options for Migrating SAP HANA to AWS

Common Migration Scenarios
  • Migrate from any DB to a SAP HANA database on AWS
  • Migrate a SAP HANA based installation from another platform/on-premises to AWS
Tools and Methodologies
  • Amazon EC2 instance type resizing
  • AWS Server Migration Service
  • AWS SAP Quick Start +
    • Simple backup and restore
    • SAP HANA export import
    • SAP HANA system replication
    • SUM DMO or DMO for Cloud


  • Attain faster time to value - provision infrastructure for SAP HANA in hours vs. weeks to months.
  • Scale infrastructure resources - as your data needs increase over time so does your AWS’ environment.
  • Minimize cost - by paying for only the infrastructure resources that you need and use.
  • No additional license - leverage your existing licensing investment with no additional licensing fees.

Options for Managing SAP Solutions on AWS

The following figure depicts the two most common scenarios for managing SAP solutions on AWS:

Royal Cyber

We are an AWS and SAP partner which gives us an edge to better serve our customers especially when it comes to running SAP HANA on AWS Cloud.

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