Integration Bus

IBM Integration Bus Monitoring Tool

Monitoring message flows has been of concern to many customers since the beginning of IBM Integration Bus. IBM Integration Bus monitoring tool consists of the performance monitoring tools that reveals the current server’s throughput rates, with several metrics that directly draws attention to performance bottlenecks and spikes in demand.

  • Business transaction monitoring dashboard

    Overview of the main business transaction monitoring dashboard. It gives an overview of total number of successful and unsuccessful transactions within a specified time frame with a list of all the transactions.
  • Success and failed transactions

    Local log details of a particular service transaction in IIB and also shows the success and failed transactions of a particular service
  • Total number of successful and failed transaction

    The total number of successful and failed transaction of a particular service and average transaction breakdown
  • Payload

    The request and response payload for a particular transaction
  • Nodes

    The details about the nodes being used in the IIB service
  • Different dashboards

    The list of different dashboards that shows the IIB metrics data/graphs
  • Broker

    Dashboard of the broker (integration node) status and memory, the CPU used by broker

Functional Benefits

Tracks the transaction and its status
Provides reports based on the collected data for every transaction
Helps the business to analysis and prepare strategies from the reports
Reduces cost and complexity of IT systems

Technical Benefits