1What is Transaction Pro?
Transaction Pro is a transaction tracking and a system monitoring tool for IBM Middleware’s like IIB, DataPower, API Connect and MQ.
2Can you give me an example?
Yes, imagine a bank with millions of transactions flowing every day. Each of them flow through different Middleware’s like IIB, DataPower, API Connect and MQ. Transaction Pro tracks these transactions and reveals if the transaction has succeeded or failed and gives the system status as well as the metrics related to the applications when the particular transaction has occurred.
3Can Transaction Pro track transactions?
Yes it can. This tool has the ability to save live transactions which empowers users to even clock back to view the history of transactions (user defined timelines) when the transaction has happened.
4What do you mean by state?
State is the moment at which a transaction has occurred.
5What are the other tools available in Market and how Transaction Pro is different from others?
There are other tools in the market, however these tools are not scalable and not built for transaction tracking or both. BAM is a transaction tracking tool but it cannot handle high load transactions. On the other hand Splunk can store and process huge data but it is not built for transaction tracking.
6How scalable is Transaction Pro?
Transaction Pro is highly scalable which is developed using Microservices architecture. We have tested Transaction Pro with 10000 transactions per sec. Also, we have used Transaction Pro in an environment where it has handled upto a million transactions per day.
7What are the Middleware’s it can monitor?
Transaction Pro currently supports DataPower, IIB, and MQ. We also have API connect analytics dashboards.
8Do I need to change or add anything to my current system for Transaction Pro to start monitoring?
No change or redeployment is required, we have different beats to collect the required data from your system.
9What are beats?
Beats are lightweight program that runs and listens to various types of logs. They collect system logs from DataPower and these beats are responsible to collect, aggregate and ship the data to Transaction Pro.
10Is it easy to setup Transaction Pro?
Yes, it is very easy to setup Transaction Pro can be up and running in hours. We can also customize the dashboards according to your needs.
11What are the different dashboards available?
Transaction Pro comes with pre built dashboards for system metrics and transaction tracking. We can add more dashboards and customize based on business needs.
12How easy is to build dashboards?
Transaction Pro provides customizable and easy to build dashboards. We can build different types of dashboard for different users like admin, architect, developer, etc. Each notifications are sent to users based on various scenarios.
13What type of notifications do we get?
With Transaction Pro you can set different types of alerts for example when queue depth is above a threshold level we can send alert notifications to the admin. It also has integrations with slack, email, PagerDuty, etc. Also the AI bot listens to these messages and provides recommendations.
14How does the AI Bot help?
Our bot takes note of the errors and gives suggestions based on the error it has already recognized.
15Can I try Transaction Pro?
Yes, you can try. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial by registering with the given link www.royalcyber.com/transactionpro/request-demo/. Transaction Pro provides trial for both cloud and on-premises solution.
16What about the pricing?
You can contact us for pricing at www.royalcyber.com/transactionpro/contact/. Our team of experts will contact you, evaluate your system and provide you with a quote.
17What kind of support is available for Transaction Pro?
We provide you with a one year free support with a week’s training on how to use Transaction Pro.