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Optimizing Conversions with Web Experimentation

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About the Event

Use Optimizely Web Experimentation to determine actionable insights into customer behavior on your website or App. Apply A/B and multivariate testing to refine your design, based on statistical analysis. Determine which variant performs better in meeting your conversion goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions on your website or mobile app. Achieve this by creating and validating your hypotheses through A/B and multivariate testing.

Optimizing Conversions with Experimentation

Join our in-person event to hear experts from Royal Cyber and Optimizely discuss how Web Experimentation can be implemented. Learn about the benefits and features, that make it a unique testing platform.

What Will You Learn?

Don’t Guess, Test

Don’t Guess, Test

Allow customer sentiment to drive decision making and eliminate guesswork

Maintain Speed

Run fast website experiments by moving processing from browser to the edge (CDN)

Increase Revenue

Reduce customer acquisition costs without advertising expenses or developer involvement

Expert Speakers & Influential Attendees


Griffin Cox

Sr. Product Manager for Experimentation at Optimizely
Chris Vafiadis

Chris Vafiadis

Director Solution Architecture at Optimizely
Murtuza Kagalwala

Murtuza Kagalwala

Technical Account Manager for Optimizely
at Royal Cyber Inc.
Anthony Hyun

Anthony Hyun

Practice Lead for UI/UX at Royal Cyber Inc.

Event Schedule

03:30 PM

Introduction to Web Experimentation

04:00 PM

Overview of Web Experimentation

04:30 PM

Success Stories of Web Experimentation

05:00 PM

Product Demo: Optimizely Web Experimentation

05:30 PM

Question & Answer Session

Optimizing Conversions with Experimentation

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