Elevate your Cloud Security with Zero Trust Principles

Live Webinar | Oct 24th, 2023 | 12:00 – 01:00 PM CDT

Zero Trust Approach by Implementing Micro-segmentation, IAM & Device Protection

Are you concerned about the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the need to protect your organization’s valuable data and assets? Register for our upcoming webinar and discover how to fortify your security posture on the cloud. In an era where trust is a liability, embrace the Zero Trust philosophy, challenge traditional security paradigms, and take control of your cloud infrastructure’s security like never before.

In this information-packed session, you will comprehensively understand Zero Trust security principles and how they can revolutionize your organization’s cloud security posture. Here’s what to expect to learn from our experts:

How to effectively move from trust-based security to implement the zero trust security model.
Discover how network micro-segmentation, a key component of Zero Trust, enables you to create secure zones within your network, limiting lateral movement for potential threats.
Learn how to establish robust IAM controls to authenticate and authorize every user and device.
Explore the importance of securing end-user devices and the strategies to safeguard your organization from endpoint vulnerabilities.

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Key insights will include:
  • Introduction to the zero trust security model in the current cybersecurity landscape
  • An overview of zero trust security principles
  • A focus on three zero trust principles: micro-segmentation, IAM, and device protection and best practices on implementing these principles successfully.
  • Case studies of organizations successfully adopting zero trust and essential takeaways from real-world zero trust deployments.
  • Q&A Session
Sumair Baloch

Sumair Hamza Baloch

Global Cloud Practice
Head at Royal Cyber Inc

Faisal Usman

Cloud Security Engineer at Royal Cyber Inc.
24th October 2023 | 12:00 – 01:00 PM CDT

Elevate your Cloud Security with Zero Trust Principles

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