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Accelerate RPA in Banking and Finance upto 3x

RPA for Banking & Finance

Pace-up your RPA Program for Quicker Results

In this new era of face-and-embrace the “new normal,” accelerating digital transformation particularly in the Banking & Financial Services Industry is the greatest opportunity to streamline operations in your digital workforce.

Join us in this live webinar hosted by Royal Cyber’s Asif Hussain – RPA Solutions Architect to learn how organizations in the BFSI sector are scaling their RPA process to keep costs low while meeting their compliance requirements in 50% less time.

The webinar will demonstrate how RPA can enhance efficiency in Banking & Finance through the following process:

  • Select the right process to automate: One of the keys to scaling RPA is choosing the right processes to automate and the right partner to implement RPA successfully.
  • Building a pipeline of the process: Find out how effectively multi-channel teams can work parallelly and pace-up the automation journey.
  • Use accelerators: Tune in to some best practices for faster development and maintenance of your process automation.

Join this free webinar from the Royal Cyber team to embrace RPA as essential to your digital transformation efforts in the BFSI sphere.

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Join this webinar to gain insights into
  • How to scale automation enterprise-wise?
  • Factors that can act as a catalyst to pace-up your automation program

  • People, process, and technology aspects to accelerate the program

  • Managing supply and demand of the automation development for optimum output of the program
  • Use case in Banking and Finance
  • Q & A
Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain

RPA Solution Architect at Royal Cyber
Mr. Asif Hussain is a Solution Architect with a specialization in Robotic Process Automation with over 15+ years of software experience in design, development, maintenance, and deployment. He also has 6+ years of experience in design, analysis, and development.
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