Modernizing the Healthcare Industry with GCP Cloud Healthcare API

Live Webinar | Nov 10th 2022 | 12:00 - 01:00 PM CST

Usher Digital Transformation into the Healthcare Industry

With the help of cloud healthcare API, healthcare companies can usher in advanced data analytics and AI/ML capabilities across all verticals. Healthcare API is compliant with HIPAA, backed by Google’s own security and data privacy features and Google is HITRUST CSF certified- so confidential is guaranteed to stay confidential. Cloud Healthcare API features include:

  • Access highly scalable, fast-performing data storage capabilities in FHIR format.
  • Engage in seamless HL7V2 messaging by integrating with legacy applications
  • Combine data formats and perform analytics with open-source DICOMweb endpoint
  • Remove identifying information for analytics to protect privacy during data analytics

Our expert will give you a complete run-through on what to expect when utilizing this API for your organization. Learn how with our help, you can unlock the value of your data, access full lifecycle API management, and enhance data liquidity with the Healthcare API.

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“Join our live webinar where we discuss how you can improve data flow from legacy applications like SAP Pharma to platforms like GCP with powerful data and AI/ML capabilities with the help of Cloud Healthcare API”

  • The Digital Transformation Journey of the Healthcare Industry
  • Why Digitization is essential within the Healthcare Industry
  • An Overview of GCP’s Cloud Healthcare API
  • Use Cases of Cloud Healthcare API
  • Live Demo of Healthcare API Features
  • Special Focus: Migrating SAP Pharma data to GCP with Cloud Healthcare API
  • Q & A
Nikhil Dutt

Nikhil Dutt

Cloud Data Engineer at Royal Cyber Inc.
November 10th 2022 | 12:00 - 01:00 PM CST

Modernizing the Healthcare Industry with GCP Cloud Healthcare API

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