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Strategies to Migrate IBM API Connect
v5 to v10 Seamlessly

Plan your Move to API Connect v10

IBM has been continuously working on innovation and focused on upgrading the technology and the functionality when it comes to Enterprise-grade applications. IBM’s API Connect v10 is here! The latest version brings a lot of exciting features, like support for OpenAPI 3.0, GraphQL, integrated testing, compliance and auditing support. Another major change brought by IBM in this version is the flexibility to deploy the application anytime, anywhere.

Migration projects are not always simple and sometime involves a lot of complexities. With Royal Cyber integration experts, migration of API Connect V5 to V10 never becomes a challenge. Our team of experts follow the product migration strategy along with the hands-on experience of delivering such complex projects where organizations rely on such platforms.

So, get ready for an exciting webinar, where we will discuss and explain the API Connect V10 benefits, best practices on how to kick start migration projects, and strategies to deliver the project seamlessly.

Join Kevin Abongo, Middleware & Managed Services Architect at Royal Cyber Inc., for a Live Webinar on migration from v5 to v10. Start your migration journey with us today!

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What can you learn?
  • What’s going on with APIC v5.
  • Migration Options.
  • What is new in APIC V10?
  • Migration Challenges.
  • Successful Migration Strategies.
Kevin Abongo

Kevin Abongo

Middleware & Managed Services Architect at Royal Cyber

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