IBM Web Experience Factory

Developing Multichannel Applications with IBM Web Experience Factory 8.5

Course objective:
In this course, you will learn to create and assemble multichannel applications easily and rapidly by using Web Experience Factory, formerly known as WebSphere Portlet Factory.

24 hrs

Course type
Instructor Led Training

Lab exercises

About this course

This course is designed to develop multichannel applications with IBM Web Experience Factory. IBM Web Experience Factory supercharges application development with tools and technology for creating, customizing, deploying, and maintaining portlets, widgets, and web and rich clients. On day 1 of the course, students are introduced to Web Experience Factory through an overview of developing multichannel applications for desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets, and then begin by using Web Experience Factory to create a simple application. More in-depth, hands-on experience is offered on Day 2 of the course, during which students create a simple, data-driven application, and a desktop application. On Day 3, mobile and multichannel enhancements are explored through discussion and hands-on activities.

Who should take it?

The target audience for this intermediate course is web developers from various backgrounds, such as Java™; Java Platform, Enterprise Edition; and Microsoft .NET.


You must be proficient in developing web-based applications in any programming language. An intermediate knowledge of WebSphere Portal and Java/Java Platform, Enterprise Edition is also required.

Course Structure
  1. Overview of Web Experience Factory and multichannel applications
  2. Getting started with Web Experience Factory
  3. Exercise: Hello World!
  4. Creating a simple, data-driven application
  5. Exercise: Creating a simple, data-driven application
  6. Implementing application patterns
  7. Exercise: Creating an application for pattern-based development
  8. Creating a desktop application
  9. Exercise: Creating a desktop application
  10. Controlling and customizing the user interface
  11. Exercise: Customizing theme of a desktop application
  12. Accessing and transforming data
  13. Exercise: Creating a customized theme for the desktop application
  14. Adding mobile capabilities to an application
  15. Exercise: Enabling mobile features
  16. Adding multichannel behavior to your application

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