IBM Sterling Connect: Direct is the point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within & among enterprises. Predictability assures delivery via automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, & automatic recovery/retry. The product provides security for privacy of customer information & audit ability of file transfers for regulatory compliance via a proprietary protocol, authorization, & encryption (FIPS 140-2, & Common Criteria certified) & performance for high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files.

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  • Improve productivity
  • Gain unprecedented scalability
  • Count on reliable file delivery
  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Move files with confidence

Here are some of the Capabilities of the
IBM Sterling Connect: Direct

Automation and management
  • Supports unattended operations around the clock
  • Schedules jobs on a one-time, recurring, or continuous basis
  • Assigns and manages file transfer workload
  • Process language builds scripts to provide integration with back-end systems
  • API and SDK for programmatic access by other applications
Assured file delivery
  • Supports checkpoint restart
  • Automatic recovery from network interruptions
  • Automated alert notifications for success/failure
Security and compliance
  • Standard Sterling Connect: Direct
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
  • Compatible with IBM Sterling Connect: Direct Secure + option
Multiple platform support
  • Compatible with z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS (OS/400), UNIX and Linux, Windows, and HP Nonstop
  • Supports network protocols for TCP/IP, SNA, UDT (UNIX 4.0, z/OS 4.8, Windows 4.5)