This course provides instruction on the use of Rational® RequisitePro®, Rational’s tool for capturing and managing requirements for a project. Hands-on labs are used to enhance the concepts presented in the Requirements Management with Use Cases course.

Students will gain an understanding of RequisitePro project structure by using the tool to apply software development best practices as recommended in the Rational Unified Process®. The computer labs guide students through building and adding data to a class project within the context of a controlled requirements management process. The labs completed in class focus on applying RequisitePro in a work environment.

Below is the one day course outline of our trainings:

Course Name: Essentials of IBM Rational RequisitePro v7.0
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Basic


This instructor-led, on-line, virtual classroom course is intended for RequisitePro users and analysts.

Skills taught:

  • Define and customize RequisitePro project structure and components
  • Create and build a project
  • Create, import, and revise requirements, attributes, and requirement documents
  • Define hierarchies of requirements
  • Trace requirements to one another
  • Manage changing requirements through views, queries, metrics, and revision notification
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Create and compare RequisitePro baselines using the RequisitePro Baseline Manager

Course outline:

  • Introduce requirements management and RequisitePro
  • Establish a RequisitePro project
  • Gather and enter requirements
  • RequisitePro documents and offline authoring
  • Views, traceability, metrics, and RequisitePro Baseline Manager
  • Revision notification and group discussions