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There was a time when quality and quantity could not be present at the same time. Marketing automation lets you to efficiently manage and nurture your leads. As a marketer you can do more with less, using Silverpop's marketing automation tools you have the weapon to enhance the enterprises digital marketing strategies:

  • Email Marketing
  • Behavioral Marketing
  • Social and Mobile Solutions

Why Use Silverpop?

  • Harness the efficiency of multichannel, behavioral marketing in one powerful engine
  • Create landing pages and web forms effortlessly that can effectively seize and generate more leads
  • Create automated lead generation and campaigns
  • Shorten the time to realize ROI by getting results-generating campaigns quickly
  • Make informed decisions about marketing strategy and provide substantiated metrics reports to stakeholders
  • Grow and evolve your marketing efforts without reaching a sophistication barrier

What business challenge does Silverpop solve?

  • Data in silos - Fragmented picture of customers
  • Lack of control – Lack of control over data
  • Relevant content – Inability to customize content
  • Right channel – Get customer’s attention
  • Real-time Execution – Inability to execute in real-time
  • Lack of Insight – How individuals interact with your brand
E-Spots & Customized & Promotions

The Silverpop Marketing Platform

  • Universal Behavior – Captures and manages behavior across all digital and offline channel to build incomparable insight into each individual
  • Single Identity – Connects every customer touch point into a single view
  • Interaction Engine – Contracts personal with each and every customer in real-time
  • Multi-Channel – Sends personalized messages everywhere each customer prefers to connect
  • Behavioral Insights – Discovers customer preference by analyzing data from all devices and channels

Our Offerings

  • Implementation - Project and best practices focused, we are here for you from the start.
  • Marketing Strategy - Industry expertise to help move the needle on your marketing goals.
  • Product Consulting - Simplifying the complex to extend software benefits to your business.
  • Technical Consulting - Producing, engineering and designing custom solutions.

Silverpop Products & Services

  • Engage Marketing Automation
  • Engage Email
  • CoreMotives
  • PlacePunch
  • Transact
  • Visitor Insight
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Email Insights
  • Consulting Services
  • Managed Services
  • Custom Engineering
Key advantage of our B2B eCommerce solution

How Royal Cyber can help?

  • Developing and executing a marketing Automation strategy should not be complicated.
  • Royal Cyber offers you the full advantages of Silverpop automation services.
  • We have successfully designed thousands of campaigns using Silverpop – world’s largest leading Marketing Automation tool
  • Our team brings a unique set of skills to the table
  • Through our services your company’s marketing operation will develop more effectively and beneficially.

Seeing is believing

Enhance your enterprise's digital strategy with Silverpop marketing platform from Royal Cyber
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