This introductory course will familiarize testing professionals with the basics of IBM Rational Quality Manager V1.0. The Rational Quality Manager application assists in creating scripts for manual testing. The course helps you to accelerate creation of manual tests, streamline manual test execution, and monitor manual test results. Additionally, you will learn how to use external test data with test scripts. Hands-on instruction and exercises are provided for those who want to explore the power of using Rational Quality Manager. The focus is on the practical application of Rational Quality Manager to resolve common manual testing challenges.

Below is the one day course outline of our trainings:

Course Name: Essentials of Manual Testing with IBM Rational Quality Manager, V1.0
Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Basic


  • Rational Quality Manager users
  • Testers
  • Quality assurance practitioners
  • Managers
  • Team leaders


  • Manual testing
  • Applications for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system
  • Microsoft Windows operating system

Skills taught:

  • Identify the benefits of using IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • Create a manual test script
  • Modify a manual test script
  • Execute a manual test
  • Examine test results
  • Create a data-driven test script

Course outline:

  • Rational Quality Manager and the manual testing process
  • Creating test scripts
  • Executing tests and reporting test results
  • Using test data