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What is Warehouse management system?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application focusing in assisting your daily operations within a warehouse. The application allows the users to have a unified system, where various warehouse tasks are achieved through an interface that is accessible to all users.

Royal Cyber creating a world of new possibilities

Royal Cyber, creating a world of new possibilities

  • Sterling WMS gives managers a well-made plan, execution and measuring tools, and brings operational discipline to complex warehouse operations.
  • Royal Cyber's Sterling Warehouse Management Solutions provide best-in-class logistics technology for managing cross channel fulfillment.
  • Beyond basic picking, packing and shipping, our WMS solutions optimize and organize warehouse operations and transform warehouse logistics into a strategic element of supply chain.
  • With an integrated and powerful WMS, fulfillment is optimized from the same group of inventory across every channel.
  • Our expertise in WMS ranges from custom built solutions to major products in the industry, Royal Cyber has many years of experience building and customizing Sterling WMS platforms that support a full range of warehouse logistics, including incoming and outgoing activities.
  • Our solutions automate the entire supply chain, starting with incoming activities where inventory moves from purchase orders all the way to sales.
  • For outgoing elements, our systems intelligently & automatically pick, pack and ship. They are also tuned in such a way to optimize location and shipping costs.
Royal Cyber WMS Advantages

The Royal Cyber Advantage

  • Superior functionality
  • Focus of supply chain applications
  • Flexibility
  • Comparable integration overheads
  • Industry vertical expertise
  • Low TCO
Why choose Royal Cyber as your Sterling Warehouse Management solution partner?

Why choose Royal Cyber as your Sterling Warehouse Management solution partner?

  • Royal Cyber specializes in implementing Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, including the IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System, and provides a broad range of supply chain management solutions.
  • We will partner with you in business to develop a warehouse system that will cover all your inventory to reduce operational and shipping costs, increase overall customer satisfaction, and provide flexibility throughout your business processes.
  • Our team of experts are ready to integrate your existing warehouse technology with IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System so that you will have a unified view of your inventory, and warehouse activities, capacity, and productivity, across all your locations.
  • Our agile, adaptable systems offer maximum automation and process management for even the largest warehouse environments. We will help you build and implement an architecture that is simple and robust.
  • We will help you keep the head above in your technological and procedural competences so that you can improve your performance, lower the costs, and keep your order fulfillment promises thereby reduce your inventory.

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